10 Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Having to undergo plastic surgery requires careful planning & proper consideration. It is not something which should be taken lightly & is very important that the patient is well-informed & prepared as far as possible before undergoing the cosmetic procedure. However, it would be ideal for the patient to consider these 10 realistic recommendations prior to undergoing elective cosmetic surgery.

1. Never Undergo Plastic Surgery for a Wrong Reason

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure which is not a necessity but a matter of choice. Therefore, do not approach this surgical intervention in a flippant manner. The basic idea behind cosmetic surgery should be that the patient is looking forward to improving a certain part of the body which is bothering them & concerning nobody else. Never undergo plastic surgery for any wrong reason like trying to prove a point to someone else. This type of patients will never be happy with their cosmetic procedure. Plastic surgery should be to please the patient & nobody else.

2. Avoid Cosmetic Surgery until Ready

Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Any type of surgery including plastic surgery can be tough on the body. This is why all patients wanting to undergo surgical intervention should be in good health & small disorders like high blood pressure needs to be kept under control prior to undergoing operation. Moreover, most plastic surgeons would want their patients over 50 years of age to obtain medical clearance from their personal physician prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. Patients must also strive to be physically fit prior to surgery. Nevertheless, patients are urged to try diet & exercise prior to going under the knife. They must also quit smoking in case they do.

3. Don’t Do New Procedures Which Sound Too Good To Be True

Many plastic surgeons tout hot new sexy procedures which promise the world in order to stand out in increasingly competitive environments. Beware & do the homework well. Research & seek advice from board certified plastic surgeons only. Ask them about potential complications & long term results. In case the cosmetic procedure sounds very drastic, it does not make sense to let doctors try them out on you anyway.

4. Never Ask to Look Like Someone Else

Don’t ask for Angelina Jolie’s lips. The point is that every individual is having unique physical characteristics & traits which define them. Competent plastic surgeons will try to enhance or refine certain body parts so as to improve overall looks. Quite often, just a removal of bump on nose will make a world of difference & yet allow patients to retain their own nose & look like themselves, & not someone else.

5. Never Do Too Much

Common mistake which people commit is that they try to do too much at once. Good plastic surgery is effectively able to enhance or improves body parts in an aesthetic & natural way. Sensible facelift or breast augmentation can provide quite impressive & satisfying results. Botox & facial fillers are also an excellent option for facial wrinkles. Nevertheless, people with facial skin pulled too tight with much fillers & Botox or with enormous breast implants look ridiculous & bear the brunt of bad jokes. Cosmetic surgery patients must, therefore, make sure that they understand the natural is best, & that they can always have more, but it is not possible to do less once it is performed.

6. Research Well on the Subject

It is very important that plastic surgery patients select a board certified plastic surgeon with appropriate training & proper experience in the specific area they desire to undergo cosmetic surgery. There is a whole lot of cottage industry which has developed in disguise especially within the developing countries. Moreover, doctors from various other specialties are taking weekend crash courses to learn & bolster their income. Expert opinion suggests that gynecologists should not be performing liposuction or podiatrists should not be administering Botox, just as plastic surgeons should not be removing bunions or delivering babies. Therefore cosmetic surgery patients should research well before they choose a plastic surgeon for their aesthetic procedure.

7. Cosmetic Procedure at an Accredited Hospital or Cosmetic Clinic

Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Make sure that the plastic surgeon operates at an accredited hospital facility or clinic which is licensed by the state. Cosmetic surgery can also be performed at a clinic which is approved & inspected by the authorities on a regular basis. The anesthesiologist should also be board-certified. Therefore, enquire about him prior to undergoing the procedure. Do not be shy about enquiring, as patient is entitled to all this information & moreover these are all important factors concerning the safety of patients.

8. Follow Pre & Post-operative Instructions

Follow the plastic surgeons instructions, both pre & post-operative. Advice regarding smoking, consumption of alcohol, prescription medicines, blood thinners & diet should be taken seriously. Attention should be paid to postoperative instructions regarding exertion & exercise including driving or operating heavy equipment at the workplace. Both preoperative & postoperative behavior of the cosmetic surgery patient bears significant & lasting effects upon the final outcome of surgery. The plastic surgeon will know exactly why the patient is unable to heal the way they are supposed to. Therefore, following his/her instructions will only expedite proper recovery while delivering the best post-surgery outcomes.

9. Having Realistic Expectation

Approaching the cosmetic procedure with realistic & hopefully attainable expectations is sensible & will avoid disappointment post-surgery. The surgical intervention which is meant to correct a flaw will not transform the patients’ life in a monumental way but is designed only to improve body parts which bother them. Therefore, planning plastic procedures with desires like finding a spouse, saving the marriage or conquering the world will not work & will only bring in unhappiness at the end. It is better to seek help from a mental health provider in case the patient is having doubts about the motives behind seeking the cosmetic procedure.

10. Proper Communication Holds the Key

More than 90 percent of cosmetic revision procedures happen due to lack of communication between the patient & the plastic surgeon. Therefore the patient must ensure to explain in detail as to what they are hoping to achieve with the plastic surgery procedure they are seeking. They should also bring along photographs to show examples of faces or bodies they like so that the plastic surgeon knows as to what they have in mind. It pays to be specific & the patient will be much happier at the end with the post-operative outcome.

Affordable Plastic Surgery in India

It is a delighting fact that plastic surgery cost in India is just a fraction of what any patient will have to pay for in developed countries like UK, Germany, Canada & the United States. Moreover, plastic surgeons in India are globally renowned to be some of the best & have successfully delivered pleasant & successful outcomes over the years. Moreover, India is home to a wide network of accredited specialty & multispecialty hospitals providing affordable medical procedures including cosmetic surgeries.

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