3D Image Guided Spine Surgery for Healthy and Flexible Spine

Spine plays a key role in providing stability to entire body. It enables a person to perform everyday tasks such as running, climbing stairs, standing, sitting or exercising in a smooth way. Although spinal structure is composed of strong bones, any type of deformity in spine can lead to serious disabling conditions. In initial stages, spinal pain can be easily treated with the help of medications and physiotherapy. However, severe spine conditions require a surgical approach.

What is 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery (IGS)?

3D image guided spine surgery is an advanced medical intervention that uses high-resolution (3D) imaging techniques for pre-planning the spinal procedure. It helps spine surgeons to thoroughly analyze internal spinal structure of patients in real time and outline necessary steps to make it successful.


Good Candidates for 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery

Patients who fall under the below-mentioned category are considered to be good candidates for undergoing a 3D image guided spine surgery.

  • Disabling Pain – Patients who are experiencing back and spine pain from a prolonged period and are not able to perform self care activities independently are considered to be good candidates for 3D image guided spine surgery.
  • Failure of Primary Treatments – Patients who have already tried primary treatments such as ice or hot packs, painkillers, injections, and physical therapy but still did not get any relief can opt for 3D image guided spine surgery.
  • General Health – Patients who are suffering from additional health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or serious kidney disorders will need to undergo a complete medical checkup prior their surgery. It will help surgeons understand whether they are healthy enough to undergo this spine surgery.
  • Traditional Surgery – Sometimes, traditional spine procedures may not be suitable for treating spinal condition of respective patients due to its associated risks. In such instances, this advanced spine surgery may prove beneficial.

Preparing for 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery

Patients will need to avoid smoking during preoperative period as it can interfere with the results of surgery in terms of delaying its normal recovery period. They should avoid strenuous physical activities and eat a healthy diet. Spine surgeons are likely to provide them some pain-controlling medicines during this phase. In addition to this, patients will need to undergo any of the following imaging tests to ensure successful outcomes following 3D image guided spine surgery.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Test) – An MRI imaging technique is a simple and pain free procedure which can considerably help create high-quality images of patient’s spine and surrounding structures. This procedure involves magnetic field and strong radio waves for serving the purpose.
  • Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) – A CT scan refers to an imaging technique similar to an MRI scan. However, it uses x-rays to fulfill the objective of producing pictures of patient’s spine instead of radio waves.

Once, an imaging procedure is performed, respective spine surgeons will load the obtained pictures in a specialized medical software for future reference.


Procedure for 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery

3D image guided spine surgery can be performed within a short interval of time with the help of given steps.

  • 3D Images – At first, images of patient’s spine are interlinked with a specialized medical software. Basically, the software converts these images into a three dimensional format (3D). This software is further interconnected with a camera which captures real time images of spine and displays it on screen.
  • Software – Respective surgeons can zoom in and out the images for a precise analysis. They try to figure out the best and safest possible way to perform the spine surgery in advance. The high-end software which is being used can also help spine surgeons to determine which medical tools and instruments are required to perform the operation with high accuracy.
  • Monitor Screen – Spine surgeons make small incisions in spine and begin the surgery. During the procedure, respective surgeons can view the internal details of patient’s spine and real time outcomes of each and every step which they perform on a monitoring screen. The software constantly provides navigation instructions to doctors throughout the operation.

Surgeons may monitor the patients for an hour or two following the 3D image guided spine surgery to minimize post-surgical complications.

Risks and Complications Associated with 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery

3D image guided spine surgery is an extremely safe procedure. However, it may involve the following risks and complications.

  • Neurological Damage – There are chances of neurological damage following this surgery. However, surgeons are likely to follow all the necessary measures for avoiding such conditions.
  • Healthy Spinal Tissues Damage – Sometimes, healthy spinal tissues surrounding impaired spinal region may get damaged during operation.
  • Clotting of Blood – In rare instances, patients may experience clotting of blood following this spinal surgery. A prompt medical care can help patients overcome such issues.

Patients should ask and clear all their surgery-related queries with respective spine surgeons prior signing the consent form. It will help them understand what to expect following 3D image guided spine surgery.

Recovery Following 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery

Patients may return to their homes within a day or two. In some cases, spine surgeons may allow them to leave on the same day of surgery. Patients may encounter a slight amount of uneasiness and pain during initial days. Surgeons will prescribe medicines in order to help them cope with the postoperative pain. Patients should avoid any exhausting physical task and activities such as driving until they recover completely. Respective spine surgeons may ask them to start performing physical therapy after a week. It will significantly improve flexibility and strength of their operated spine. Furthermore, they should attend all the follow-up care sessions regularly, eat healthy foods, and take plenty of rest in order to attain a speedy recovery.

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