Best Cervical Cancer Treatments in India are Highly Affordable

Cancer which starts within cells lining the female cervix is known as cervical cancer. Cervix is the lower portion of the womb (uterus) which is sometimes also called as uterine cervix. While fetus normally grows in the upper portion of the uterus, cervix connects the uterus to vagina through the birth canal. Cervix region is made up of two different types of cells. Portion of the cervix which is close to uterus is known as endocervix and is covered by glandular cells and the part of cervix known as ectocervix or exocervix and which is next to the vagina is covered with squamous cell. The place where both these types of cells meet is known as the transformation zone. However, the exact position of the transformation changes as women get older and following childbirth.


Most Common Types of Cervical Cancer Treatments

Cervical cancer surgery and radiation therapy are the most common types of treatment and which may also be combined with chemotherapy in some cases. However, for advanced stages of cervical cancer, radiation therapy is combined with chemotherapy as the main plan for treatment. Because chemotherapy is a systemic treatment procedure, it is the sole line of treatment for advanced stages of cervical cancer.


  • Cervical Cancer Surgery Many women being treated for cervical cancer undergo some type of surgery. There are several types of surgeries which can be employed as treatment for cervical cancer. Some of these cervical cancer surgeries include LEEP Procedure, Cryosurgery, Laser Surgery, Conization, Simple Total Hysterectomy, Radical Hysterectomy and Trachelectomy.
  • Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer – Radiation therapy for cervical cancer makes use of radioactive particles or high energy x-rays in order to destroy cancerous cells. Radiation therapy is utilized as a part of main treatment either singly or following cervical cancer surgery for some stages of cervical cancer. In some other stages of cervical cancer, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are simultaneously given as preferred treatment and which is known as Concurrent Chemoradiation. The two types of radiation therapy which are given to cervical cancer patients are external beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy which is an internal radiation therapy.
  • Chemotherapy for Cervical Cancer – Chemotherapy for cervical cancer involves administering special anti-cancer drugs, either orally or intravenously. When chemotherapy drugs enter the bloodstream, they travel throughout the body and destroy cancerous cells wherever they are found. Most often chemotherapy is given in cycles, where every period of treatment is followed by time for recover. However, there are only a few situations where chemotherapy is prescribed for cervical cancer including advanced stages of the disease.
  • Biological Therapy for Cervical Cancer – Biological therapy is also known as Immunotherapy. There are many instances when cancers develop due to breakdown of immune system or when the immune system is not adequately functioning. Biological therapy for cervical cancer is designed to stimulate, repair or enhance the immune responses of the patients’ body. Apart from this, biological therapy is used for controlling, stopping or suppressing processes which permit growth of cancer.


 Causes, Prevention and Treatment option for cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer Treatment in India is Highly Affordable

Cervical cancer treatment in India is an excellent opportunity for women from all around the world who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare. While quality of cervical cancer treatments in India are top in class and comparable with the best in the world, it is available at affordable costs as well. Cost of cervical cancer treatment in India is just a fraction of what it takes to undergo these procedures in other global healthcare destination and most patients in fact are able to save almost 70 percent of their money by seeking treatments here. Travcure Medical Tourism is closely associated with top gynecologic and radiation oncologists and the best accredited cancer hospitals in the country. Travcure is suitably placed to offer you the best cervical cancer treatments in India at the most competitive prices.

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