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Rhinoplasty Cosmetic SurgeryWhat is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery?

A cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is basically a correctional cosmetic surgery that is performed to change the shape of the nose, and in some cases, correct deformities in its function caused due to a hereditary condition or as a result of an accident and injury. The cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery is done to correct disfigurements resulting from injuries or birth defects, as well as, to treat certain breathing problems. It is also done as a cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of the nose.

When do I need Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery?

The cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery is required to correct and reconstruct the shape of the nose, restore breathing functions as well as enhance the nose affected by injury, birth defect, breathing problem or to correct a previous botched rhinoplasty procedure. It is always advisable to get the opinion of an otolaryngologist (throat, nose and ear specialist), maxillofacial surgeon (neck, face and jaw specialist) or a cosmetic (plastic) surgeon to help you decide the need for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery is required, mainly, for the following reasons:
  • Skin cancer – This is the most cause for patients undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty reconstructive procedure.
  • Nasal defect due to injury – A nasal defect or deformity may arise due to an impact injury, piercing injury as well as by blast trauma (blunt and penetrating) that requires a reconstructive plastic surgery.
  • Birth defects – A reconstructive, or reshaping, cosmetic rhinoplasty is required to treat a birth defect that affects the appearance or function of the nose.

What are the types of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery?

The surgical procedure for cosmetic rhinoplasty is mainly of two types:
  • Primary rhinoplasty – This is the initial aesthetic, reconstructive or correctional procedure for cosmetic rhinoplasty.
  • Secondary rhinoplasty – Also known as revision rhinoplasty, this procedure is performed to correct a failed cosmetic rhinoplasty that was performed earlier. This often involves reshaping the nose, nose-tip as well as to clear the nasal passageways to allow normal breathing. It also requires using cartilage grafts, taken from the ear or the rib cage, to support the nasal structure at times.
The types of incisions that are used in the cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery also distinguish the type of rhinoplasty procedure, which are:
  • Open rhinoplasty – In this type of cosmetic rhinoplasty surgical procedure the surgeon (or specialist) will make a small incision to the middle of the nasal wall (septum). This incision is made in the skin of the nose-tip.
  • Closed rhinoplasty – In this type of cosmetic rhinoplasty, the surgeon (or specialist) will make all incisions within the nose without cutting the skin of the nose-tip.

How is the Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery performed?

The surgical procedure for any type of cosmetic rhinoplasty involves administering general or local anesthesia. The surgeon will then separate the nasal skin and soft tissues of the nasal frame structure and use corrective procedures to reshape the nose tissue as required. The surgeon may also use bone grafts or tissue grafts, from the rib cage or the ear, to provide the necessary reshaping to the nose. Extreme cases may require an artificial implant to stabilize the reshaped nose. After the reshaping procedure the surgeon will close the incision and apply a supporting stent to the inside, or outside, of the nose to hold it in place. The non-surgical procedure for performing cosmetic rhinoplasty requires the surgeon to inject collagen-type fillers that are used to change a person’s nose shape without incisions or surgery. This procedure helps in filling the contours of the nose along with raising the tip of the nose, as well as removing any bumps or additional abnormalities. This procedure is also useful in correcting certain birth defects on the nose however it does not change the size of the nose. [free_quotes_and_consultation]

What care needs to be taken after undergoing the Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery?

The cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is usually done within 4-6 hours and the doctor will advise a hospital stay of a couple of days. To decrease the pain and swelling the doctor will prescribe steroids, analgesics and antibiotics. The external stitches over the nose are removed after 4-6 days, and in case a supporting stent is placed, the doctor will remove these after around 4-14 days.

What are the risks and complications arising out of cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery?

Although surgical cosmetic rhinoplasty is mostly safe there are a few chances of complications arising. There can be a risk of bleeding after the surgery as well as the risk of infection. Scarring is an additional risk but can be reduced using the latest in cosmetic surgical techniques.

Why choose India for affordable Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery?

The doctors and specialists in India are well-known worldwide for their excellent proficiency in performing cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery at an affordable cost. The cosmetic surgeons and specialists are extensively trained and have a vast experience in managing complex cosmetic surgery. These brilliant doctors are further assisted by a team of excellent surgical teams and the procedure is performed using the latest in surgical technology. The huge networks of hospitals and clinics in India are equipped with the most modern medical technology that further increases the efficiency of the Indian cosmetic surgeons. Thousands of patients from all over the globe have been coming to India for years to get affordable cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery done. [free_quotes_and_consultation]
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