LASIK Eye Surgery in India

Primary objective of LASIK Eye Surgery is to give you the finest & the most individualized laser vision correction available today. It begins with a careful evaluation concerning the health of your eyes keeping in mind your needs & lifestyle. LASIK delivers safe, consistent & accurate long-term results. However, there are many variations to LASIK procedure with each one using a different kind of technology to achieve correcting patient’s refractive error.

LASIK Eye Treatment Procedures

1.Traditional Laser Eye Surgery:

LASIK Eye Surgery in India

Traditional Laser Eye Surgery procedure uses the same method to determine patient’s measured prescription as it would for glasses & contacts. The information obtained from these measurements are used as guide by doctors for reshaping patient’s cornea. As this process relies on feedback from less detailed measurements, the traditional approach is only effective for treating lower-order aberrations like myopia, hyperopia & astigmatism.

2.Time-Tested LASIK Procedures

Millions of people around the globe undergo this eye procedure every year. Published data indicates that it does not have any negative effects. Only when your ophthalmologist is confident of beneficial results will he prescribe LASIK procedure to correct your vision. He will personally check your eyes & include taking comprehensive maps & data of your vision prior to applying LASIK procedure. Time-tested LASIK procedure effectively helps you treat lower-order aberrations & higher-order aberrations like glare, halos & starbursts.


3.Wavefront Laser Eye Procedure

Wavefront technology was first used by astronomers to adjust optics of telescopes for stargazing. Now it has come to the rescue of human eye to create a map or print or measure of vision, so as to aid doctors determine one of the most accurate prescriptions for corrective surgery. This information will subsequently be utilized by LASIK surgeons while reshaping your cornea during treatment procedure. LASIK Laser eye surgery will also help patients achieve improved night vision with reduced risk of complications. This procedure is also highly recommended for people with severe astigmatism. However, only your ophthalmologist will be able to tell if you require this advanced technology to achieve your goals in vision correction.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Procedure

The actual laser procedure hardly lasts for less than a minute & the entire average time is about 5 to 7 minutes per eye. You will feel no pain during LASIK as it is performed under anesthetic eye drops. Quite a few patients report mild discomfort for few hours post-LASIK & which will eventually go away. Most people undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery return to work within a day or two.

Affordable LASIK Eye Surgery in India

LASIK Eye Laser Surgery is performed almost all over the world, but the costs invariably vary from one place to another. Lasik eye surgery cost is around $9000 in USA. Similar LASIK treatment will cost between 4000 to 6000 Euros in most countries of Europe. LASIK Surgery in India is of the latest international quality & at par with what you would get in developed countries. It is, however, the price which differs & is quite affordable.

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