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Nagpur (MH) India, Octo 1st, 2015 Children’s bodies are in the process of growing & therefore quite different from adult bodies. This includes their bones as well. Starting from a skeleton that is largely made of cartilage which slowly matures into bones having a softer structure during development, even fractures happen to be quite different in children than adult bones. Invariably, even similar injuries always have separate responses & require special surgical techniques for treatment among children than adult bodies. Pediatric orthopedic surgeons are specifically trained so as to evaluate & treat children with fractures & other bone conditions including joints. Growth plate injuries & fractures are pretty common among children all around the world. These require immediate treatment as they can affect how the bones grow. Injured growth plates when inadequately treated will lead to crooked or misshapen bones & limbs which can be short or even arthritis in the long term. Prior to completion of growth in children, growth plates are immensely susceptible to fractures. Almost 15 – 30% of fractures among children are growth plate fractures. Growth plates tend to injure easier than hard bone because of their softer nature. A normal injury causing a joint sprain in adults will translate into a growth plate fracture in children. While greatly changing the way orthopedic treatment & care is required for children, even in fractures where growth plates are not involved, it means that children need prompt evaluation alongside proper & fast treatment without any growth problem or need of another correction surgery. Pediatric orthopedic surgeries effectively save from early disability & growth related issues among children. Various other pediatric orthopedic conditions can arise due to infections, improper nutrition, neoplastic, neuromuscular, psychogenic, & trauma. Pediatric surgery helps to a great extent in treating deformity & disorders of bones & joints. As India is emerging as one of the most favourite global medical tourism destination, paediatric surgeons in India are extremely talented & trained in top universities of UK, USA & Australia. They have successfully treated a variety of problems relating to joints, bones & musculoskeletal system of infants to adolescents including genetic-origin bone diseases & defects. Many complex surgeries like complex pelvic osteotomies for congenital hip dislocation using minimally invasive techniques are expertly employed so as to correct complex limb deformities among children. Travcure is a well established medical tourism platform where patients from all around the world seek effective & affordable medical solutions. They offer both surgical & non-surgical treatment options for unlimited pediatric orthopedic diseases & disorders in a cost effective way. This includes treatment for bow legs, paediatric limb length discrepancies, paediatric scoliosis, pediatric fractures, scoliosis, hip dysplasia, bone fracture, developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), spina bifida, neurofibromatosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, patellar dislocation & instability, brachial plexus birth palsy and more. Well connected to numerous JCI accredited hospitals & clinics that diagnose, treat & manage various paediatric musculoskeletal issues, they are presently offering free online consultation for international pediatric patients across the globe. Travcure Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd. 205. Himalaya Paradise, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India - 440001 Mobile: +919766217000, +918600044116, +918600044227, +1-631-527-1137 (U.S.)   +44-560-384-5799 (U.K.) Mail: Website:
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