All you need to known about Bilateral Mastectomy Surgery

Mastectomy – An Overview

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure that requires removing the breast tissue from the breast. This procedure is normally performed as a preventive and treatment method for breast cancer. Mastectomy is one of the treatment options for early-stage breast cancer patients and is more preferred over a lumpectomy due to its simpler nature. Modern mastectomy surgical techniques can help save extensive amounts of breast skin tissue, also known as skin-sparing mastectomy. A mastectomy procedure is usually followed by a breast reconstruction surgery, after around 2-3 months.

Why is a Bilateral Mastectomy Surgery needed?

A bilateral mastectomy surgery is most useful in removing the complete tissue from inside both the breasts in order to treat, or prevent, breast cancer. Bilateral Mastectomy for Breast Cancer (Treatment) – A bilateral mastectomy is a surgical treatment method for treating a severe case of breast cancer that has affected most of the breast tissue in both the breasts. Bilateral Mastectomy for Breast Cancer (Prevention) – A bilateral mastectomy may also be performed if the patient is at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. A bilateral mastectomy removes the tissue from both the breasts even before the cancer can begin. This is also known as ‘prophylactic’ or ‘risk-reducing’ bilateral mastectomy. 

How is a Bilateral Mastectomy Surgery performed?

Bilateral mastectomy means the removal of the tissues completely from inside both the breasts. The techniques for performing this procedure vary and are dependent on various factors. This surgery requires the surgeon to put the patient under general anesthesia on order to prevent pain and discomfort to the patient during the surgery. These are the various types of techniques used to perform a bilateral mastectomy surgery: Modified Radical Mastectomy – This surgical technique requires removing the entire breast and its supporting tissues, nipples, areolas and major portion of the underarm lymph nodes and is mostly recommended when the breast tumor is large in size and has spread to the lymph nodes. Simple/Total Mastectomy – This is a comparatively simpler procedure and involves removing the entire breast tissue, including the areolas and nipples but does not require the removal of the lymph nodes. Skin-Sparing Mastectomy – This technique for a bilateral mastectomy surgery involves removing the complete breast tissue, nipple and areola but does not involve the breast skin. This helps to perform a breast reconstruction surgery immediately after the mastectomy. This technique is ideal for treating large tumors of the breasts. Nipple-Sparing/Subcutaneous Mastectomy – This method of bilateral mastectomy surgery involves removal of only the breast tissue while leaving the skin, nipple and the areola intact. This surgery also allows for an immediate breast reconstruction surgery to be performed afterwards.

What are the Risks associated with Bilateral Mastectomy Surgery?

As is seen in any form of major surgery, there are certain risks associated with the bilateral mastectomy procedure as well. These are certain rare risks that are not seen often:
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Swollen arm (lymphedema)
  • Scar tissue formation
  • Stiff and painful shoulder
  • Numbness under the arm
  • Hematoma (blood clotting at surgical site)

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