An Insight into Cosmetic Surgery in India

Mumbai (MH) India, October 21st, 2015 Cosmetic surgery in India has witnessed a great leap in recent years mainly due to its surprising benefits & of course due to advancing medical facilities in India at a cost effective price tag. Furthermore, number of cosmetic clinics with state-of-the-art facilities in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, Nagpur, Pune, Kerala, Chennai, & Bangalore are also increasing. Most of these clinics are in compliance with international standards & meet rigid safety standards. Adding to this, all Indian cosmetologists are masters in their profession with International fellowships & Board Certifications to their credit. With these contributing factors, number of people travelling to India for most trusted cosmetic surgeries is increasing year by year & that too with a satisfactory return on investment. According to latest research by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, it is revealed that India is slated to be among the top 10 countries across the globe & ranks 8th amidst the top 25 countries when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It is also revealed that in the year 2011 more than 15 million people across the globe underwent plastic surgery for better looks & increased self esteem. Surprisingly, among these 15 million, around 4 lakh 70 thousand were Indians. Cosmetic surgery is mainly done to correct any kind of deformity or shortcomings in physical appearance or to enhance aesthetic looks with certain modification or restoration. Some of the most common types of surgeries that are now performed & often adding to the list of patients looking for cosmetic surgery are liposuction, facelift, breast enhancement or reduction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, eye lift, wrinkle reduction, hair transplant & lip enhancement cosmetic procedures. However, everyone desires to have a seamlessly glowing look & appearance but not all can afford to go for these high cost medical treatments. There is no doubt that these surgeries are far too expensive but when compared to western countries there are significant cost differences experienced in India. This however is the most important reason why people are flocking into India & why even Indians are going ahead with cosmetic surgeries. What adds to Indian benefits is the exponential growth of medical tourism in India. This concept has added new dimensions to the field of cosmetic surgery with better surgery packages & soothing holidays. Medical tourism industry develops a complete holiday package for foreign tourists willing to have their cosmetic surgeries done in India. These packages give them an opportunity to stay away from busy daily routines & undergo a safe treatment in a most relaxing environment. This in turn blissfully transforms a medical trip into an exotic holiday assuring utmost satisfaction both in terms of cosmetic results & their healthcare experience. Travcure medical tourism in connection with a number of cosmetic clinics in India, is one of the fastest growing company. Taking all initiatives to plan a perfectly entertaining trip for international patients, they provide the best cosmetic surgery packages at surprisingly affordable costs. Committed to deliver efficient services from helping acquire medical visas to choosing the right treatments & hospitals, Travcure also arranges vacations to exotic destinations in combination with your treatment so as to make your medical journey a memorable experience.
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