Apollo Gleneagles Hospital – Kolkata

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata

Apollo Gleneagles – Kolkata

The Apollo Group of Hospitals has been a leader in private healthcare in India since its inception with the first flagship tertiary care hospital at Chennai in 1983. The Apollo Hospitals have now grown to include more than 60 advanced healthcare facilities spread across the major cities in India in order to reach maximum number of patients. The Apollo Group of Hospitals consists of the most modern and well-equipped medical and surgical healthcare facilities that adhere to gold-standard quality in providing healthcare and treatment for a large number of medical disorders and diseases. The group is emerging as the undisputed leader in providing integrated healthcare to all its patients at the most affordable cost so as to bring quality medical treatment and healthcare to individuals from all walks of life. The Apollo Group of Hospitals has one of the most experienced and well-trained team of specialists that are expert in their respective medical specialty. These specialists are assisted by an excellent medical support staff of highly-trained nurses and other supporting members who are dedicated towards providing the most efficient treatment to all patients with the use of the latest technology and medical or surgical techniques. Following on this vision the Apollo Group of Hospitals has collaborated with another major healthcare player of Asia, the Parkway Health of Singapore, to establish the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata to penetrate the healthcare sector of eastern Indian regions.

Centers of Excellence in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital – Kolkata

The Apollo Group of Hospitals works towards achieving the distinction of being the leader of multi-specialty hospitals in providing the best and most efficient quality healthcare and medical treatment in India. The group has been working tirelessly towards achieving this goal with the introduction of new and latest medical technologies in its campuses along with maintaining high-quality of standards for patient management and sundry healthcare services. The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata is one of the largest and most diverse tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals in the region. This hospital incorporates the best of technology, expertise of the medical staff as well as the most modern medical facilities in its functioning to become the landmark for providing the most efficient yet affordable medical care to every patient. The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata is an immense joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals, India and Parkway Health of Singapore to provide the best and most affordable medical treatment and healthcare for its patients. The Apollo Hospitals are a leader in their own rights in medical innovations and other medical technological expertise while Parkway Health is also a renowned player in the healthcare sector of Asia. Parkway Health is the largest healthcare provider in South-east Asia managing more than 70% of Singapore’s total healthcare facilities. The Parkway Group Healthcare is a part of Parkway Health and has a vast network of medical facilities and super-specialty hospitals in Malaysia, Brunei and India with efficient healthcare facilities equipped with the latest and most modern medical equipments and technology available today. The joint venture between Apollo Group of Hospitals and Parkway Health has resulted in the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata. This impressive healthcare facility is a complete tertiary care multi-specialty hospital situated in Kolkata city with an advanced infrastructure, remarkable hospitality and highest efficiency in providing quality healthcare. This medical facility is an immense 510-bed hospital with a variety of dedicated departments for various different specialties and sub-specialties. The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata employs the latest and most modern treatment techniques and medical technology to ensure that every patient gets the most complete and expansive treatment for all types of medical disorders and diseases. The Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital (AGCH) is the latest in line of specialties in the hospital as well as being a boon for cancer patients on the West Bengal state and its surrounding regions. This 100-bed unit is managed with utmost efficiency with the latest oncology surgical and treatment equipments and has a dedicated 50-bed oncology surgical department. This oncology department has a multidisciplinary approach combined with great expertise and modern equipments to allow for more successful cancer treatment. The Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital (AGCH) regularly uses the most innovative and efficient technology and techniques in treating cancer cases such as the revolutionary radiation therapy technologies BrainLAB and Novalis TX. This cancer care facility is also well-equipped for handling IGRT-Theraoy and IMRT Therapy, the introductory cancer treatment technology in India as well as knifeless-surgery of brain by radio-surgery including more advanced technologies for treatment of patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Pediatric Cancer Unit, Women’s Cancer Unit, etc.

Apollo Hospital tie up with Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

The Apollo Group of Hospitals and Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants are considered to be leaders in their respective medical fields. Apollo Hospitals have the largest and most comprehensive healthcare facilities in India while Travcure is known for its extensive reach to patients from all across the globe. The vision of providing efficient healthcare at affordable cost to everyone is shared by both these healthcare leaders. To proceed forward in their venture the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have joined forces in order to expand their reach to include more patients from even more varied backgrounds. This joint effort is being proven highly successful with the treatment of thousands of foreign patients being arranged by Travcure for Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata every year. Patients from across more than 120 countries have had the advantage of getting the most modern and latest successful (yet affordable) treatment for a variety of different medical disorders and diseases done in India through Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants at Apollo Hospitals.
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