Apollo Hospitals – Ahmedabad


Apollo Hospitals – Ahmedabad

The Apollo Hospitals is a name synonymous with excellent healthcare at affordable cost. Apollo Hospitals aim to provide better healthcare services to every individual patient irrespective of their monetary status. Following on this track the Apollo Hospital at Ahmedabad was first established in May of 2003. A multi-specialty quaternary care hospital it has acted as a landmark for improving healthcare infrastructure in the Gujarat state. Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad has set new standards in providing a comprehensive holistic healthcare that involves prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and other such aspects of medical science among its peers. The hospital aims to educate and raise awareness about the various prevalent medical diseases and disorders that are commonly seen in the region. The unique business model of the Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad is also an important factor in making it one of the most popular and efficient healthcare facilities in the state.

Centers of Excellence in Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad

The Apollo Group of Hospitals is fully dedicated to their quest for providing international-standard healthcare to common people at affordable costs. The Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad also follows in this path with an efficient and state-of-the-art medical facility that provides excellent treatment for a vast number of diseases and disorders. The Apollo Hospital Center of Excellence in Ahmedabad consists of a multi-specialty quaternary care 230-bed hospital. This hospital successfully treats more than 10,000 patients each year. Spread over an expansive 10 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds this modern healthcare facility has a 68-bed Critical Care Unit and is considered as the largest corporate hospital in the state of Gujarat. Being the second branch of the esteemed Apollo Group of Hospitals this healthcare facility is fitted with the latest medical and surgical technology with the specialists extensively-trained and updated in their respective medical fields. The Center of Excellence at the Apollo Hospitals in Ahmedabad is known for regularly performing stem cell transplant (bone marrow transplant) procedures for a large number of haematological conditions. The excellent facilities at the hospital as well as the experienced experts perform at least one such transplant procedure once every month with a very high success rate. The Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad is also the only healthcare institute in the Ahmedabad city to have a Radiation Oncology unit. Owing to its commitment for providing top-of-the-class healthcare and treatment to common people the Apollo Hospital built an association with a US-based cancer care center. This high-tech cancer radiation treatment unit is run by the CBCC, an oncology specialty center that is renowned for making innovations in cancer research and treatment. The Apollo Hospital at Ahmedabad is also the distinction-holder of being the first healthcare facility in Gujarat to perform the first successful ‘Autologus Stem Cell Transplant for Acute Myeloid Leukemia’. Stem cell transplant is one of the most advanced forms of treatment useful for various cancers and diseases. The medical and surgical staff is extensively-trained in managing all types of stem cell transplants (bone marrow transplants) in an efficient manner that makes the treatment therapy more successful than others. The Apollo Hospitals in Ahmedabad is a high-tech healthcare and surgical institute that offers patients treatments for various disorders and diseases relating to cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedics, and neuroscience as well as spine surgery.

Apollo Hospitals ties-up with Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

Apollo Hospitals aim to achieve the point in healthcare provision where every kind of modern and comprehensive medical treatment can be made available to individuals from all walks of life. Apollo Hospitals has been in pursuit of this goal since decades and has been making remarkable progress towards achieving it. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants have found a reliable partner in Apollo Group of Hospitals for their aim of providing world-class healthcare and medical treatment to all its patients at the best hospitals and clinics at the most affordable costs. This association between Apollo Group of Hospitals in Ahmedabad and Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants has resulted in thousands of successful treatments for foreign patients who have visited India to get treatment for a varied number of medical disorders and their treatment. Travcure and Apollo Hospitals have had a long-standing relationship that is based on providing the best and most efficient medical treatment at the most economical process for every individual patient.
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