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Apollo Hospitals Overview Apollo Hospitals Group has been operating the Apollo Hospitals since its inception in 1983 in Chennai. The Apollo Hospitals have expanded steadily from the initial 150-bed hospital to the now more than 9,000 beds in around 64 different branches spread throughout India. Apollo Hospitals has been the frontrunner in introducing the innovative healthcare techniques in India and is at the forefront of many breakthroughs in various medical technologies. The Apollo Hospitals have emerged as the number one in Asia among other healthcare providers for offering high-quality healthcare in various specialties at the most affordable cost. The Apollo Hospitals have grown in efficiency and have long been renowned as the best healthcare providers of Asia. The unique business model of the Apollo Hospitals Group is one of the major factors for its vast popularity. It is based on its mission to reach a point where every individual patient, irrespective of their status, should be able to have access to the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare facilities. Apollo Hospitals Branches in India Apollo Hospitals Branches in India On this same track, the Apollo Hospitals Group has expanded from its single beginning in Chennai more than three decades ago to now being spread across the entire expanse of India as well as an international branch in neighboring Bangladesh. There are more than 60 Apollo Hospitals spread across India in all its major cities such as: Ahmedabad Started in May 2003 the multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in Ahmedabad is one of the cornerstones of the health care infrastructure in Gujarat. Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad provides a comprehensive healthcare facility for the citizens of this city which includes prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and spreading health awareness among patients and their families. This hospital has more than 230 beds and manages around 10,000 patients successfully every year. This is the only multi-specialty hospital in the Gujarat state with the advanced Tesla MRI scan machine. Built over an expansive 10 acres this hospital has nearly 70 CCU beds and is the biggest corporate hospital in the state. This hospital is also the second Apollo Hospital in India to perform regular stem cell transplant/bone marrow transplant for different hematological conditions. A transplant each month is performed in an average in the Ahmedabad Apollo Hospital. This hospital also has the distinction of being the only hospital in the city with a Radiation Oncology unit and is run by a USA-based cancer research center. Bengaluru (Bangalore) The Apollo Hospital at Bengaluru is a tertiary care initiative of the Apollo Hospital Group in the state of Karnataka. Being the 42nd branch of the group it has already made a remarkable impression in the healthcare fraternity of the city. This 250-bed hospital is spread over more than 212,000 sq. ft. of beautifully landscaped grounds in the clise vicinity to the main city area. This hospital is equipped with the most advanced medical and surgical technology in the world. The Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru also displays its efficiency and uniqueness with its JCI certification for healthcare organizations. This hospital has the most experienced and well-trained specialists and supporting staff and hence has a high success rate in various treatments and surgeries. This hospital was often the pioneer in using advanced surgical and treatment technologies in various procedures such as using Y-shaped stent for tracheoesophageal fistula, performing the first ever four autologous chondrocyte implantation as well as other rare and intricate procedures such as spinal angiolipoma. The Apollo Hospitals in Bengaluru is equipped with such advanced technologies such as:
  • Thallium laser
  • Holmium laser
  • Digital x-ray
  • 5 Tesla MRI
  • 64 Slice PET-CT Angiogram
  • 4-D Ultrasound
  • Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Gamma camera
This hospital also has one of the best Minimal Access Surgery Centers (MASC) that is dedicated to the propagation of the minimally invasive surgical techniques in most surgical procedures. This is aimed at being more efficient as well as reducing the pain and recovery time after surgery. Chennai The Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is the initiative of the Apollo Hospitals Group and was started in 1983. This multi-specialty hospital has over 60 medical departments managed by vastly-experienced doctors who are surrounded by the most modern and efficient medical and surgical equipment as well as a dedicated and well-trained staff. This hospital is one of the most preferred choices for thousands of patients from abroad who visit it each year for successful treatment of a multitude of medical disorders and problems. Delhi The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is the first ever Indian hospital to be internationally accredited by the Joint Commission International in four consecutive occasions. It has been termed as one of the best tertiary acute care multi-specialty hospitals in India. The Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a very large healthcare facility with more than 700 beds and is considered to be the most sought-after destination in the SAARC area for healthcare obtaining. Spread over more than 15 acres of land with a huge 600,000 sq ft structure this hospital has the capacity to be expanded to handle around 1,000 beds with efficient care. This hospital is equipped with the latest in medical and surgical technological equipment and strives to pursue its goal of providing affordable advanced healthcare facilities to every individual. Hyderabad Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad is now considered to be one of the most advanced and well-equipped healthcare facility in the state. This unique healthcare center, the Apollo Health City, is the first in the city that provides a comprehensive solution for a multitude of medical problems at a single place. The Apollo Health City, Hyderabad is a 350-bed multi-specialty hospital with over 50 specialty departments under its roof. This hospital also has 10 Centers of Excellence as well as departments for education, research, information technology (IT) and others on its campus. This hospital is capable of managing hundreds of successful treatments for diseases belonging to urology, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, etc. Kolkata The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital is situated in Kolkata and is one of the largest Apollo Hospitals in India. This is a multi-specialty tertiary care healthcare facility which uses technology and human expertise in harmony to treat a myriad of medical diseases with a large number of treatment procedures including surgical and non-surgical methods. This 510-bed hospital is the result of a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and the Singapore-based Parkway Health, which is a leading healthcare group in Asia with over 70% of Singapore within its reach of services. The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital with a latest added Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital which is aimed to help to change the face of cancer management in the state and its surrounding regions. This 100-bed cancer-specialty (oncology) unit has a large 50-bed surgical unit to help widen the treatment reach for cancer patients in the area. Apollo Group and Travcure Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants are considered to be the leaders of medical tourism in India and is only apt that it initiated its association with the Apollo Group of Hospitals to start an era of affordable quality healthcare within the reach of middle-class population. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants and the Apollo Group of Hospitals are dedicated to their goal of providing the best and most efficient healthcare to all through affordable cost management.
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