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The Apollo Group of Hospitals was established in 1983 in Chennai with a single multi-specialty hospital aimed at providing quality healthcare and medical treatment to every patient in the country. This hospital was the flagship of Apollo Group of Hospitals’ endeavor in easy access to quality healthcare. The Apollo Hospital has grown now to include more than 60 individual healthcare facilities equipped with the latest and most modern clinical equipments. These hospitals are manned by an immensely-experienced and highly-trained medical and surgical staff which is efficient and prompt in treatment and aftercare of every patient. This large group of world-class hospitals has spread now to cover the major cities in India to make excellent healthcare affordable to common people at the most efficient price. Owing to the improvable healthcare infrastructure of Hyderabad the Apollo Group of Hospitals decided to launch one of their international-standard facilities in the city to allow access to the citizens of the city, as well as the surrounding regions, to avail excellent healthcare and treatment at the most budget-friendly prices. The Apollo Hospitals have been striving forward in improving the healthcare infrastructure of the country with the introduction of innovative and groundbreaking medical and surgical technology.

Centers of Excellence in Apollo Health City – Hyderabad

The Apollo Health City is the forerunner in medical and surgical expertise with strongly successful treatments and therapies performed here. This hospital is a comprehensive healthcare facility with more than 350-beds dedicated to around 50 different medical specialties and super-specialties. This massive hospital also has around 10 Centers of Excellence which include separate departments for education, research, information technology (IT) among others and is located in an impressive and well-landscaped ground. Apollo Health City has been named thus as it covers the complete process from illness to wellness in the most comprehensive manner. The Apollo Health City in Hyderabad has Centers of Excellence for a variety of medical specialties and super-specialties such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, urology, nephrology, neurology and neuroscience among others. These Centers are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment as well as after-care for their assigned medical disorders and conditions. These Centers of Excellence are also established with an aim to spread awareness as well as training of medical staff in the latest medical and surgical technology and also to perform extensive research regarding innovation of treatment methods or cure for the various diseases. The staff at the Apollo Health City in Hyderabad is recruited from the most reputable medical institutions and is regularly given updates and training regarding new medical and surgical technologies as well as new treatment methods. This medical staff consists of some of the most-experienced and extensively-trained specialists as well as a disciplined and highly-efficient medical support staff. The Apollo Health City in Hyderabad has won many accolades due to its tireless work in providing quality medical treatment and healthcare to every member of the economic spectrum. This immense medical facility is capable of managing treatment for more than 100,000 patients successfully every year. Foreign patients from as far as the US and Australia have received treatment and surgery for a large variety of serious and debilitating medical disorders. The Centers of Excellence includes:
  • Orthopedics – This department handles treatment of all types of disorders, diseases or deformities seen in the musculoskeletal system. The Institute of Orthopedics at Apollo Health City is a comprehensive orthopedic unit with the most experienced orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons. This unit is equipped with the latest instruments and devices in orthopedic treatment and surgical technology. The Institute of Orthopedics at Apollo Health City ensures more efficiency in orthopedic surgical treatments by using minimally invasive orthopedic surgical techniques (such as Arthroscopy) in as many cases as possible to decrease the number of incision and the resultant pain as well as the recovery time.
  • Cardiology – The Institute of Cardiology at Apollo Health City is a fully-functional and efficient cardiac unit that is equipped for managing a large variety of cardiac treatment procedures and rehabilitation for serious cardiac patients. This unit is able to handle treatment for thousands of pediatric and adult cardiology disorders and diseases every year with the highest success rates among the hospitals in the city. A team of experienced and efficient cardiology specialists and well-trained support staff manage the successful treatment for patients affected with a large variety of heart disorders.
  • Pediatrics – The Institute of Pediatric at Apollo Health City in Hyderabad is one of the most comprehensive neo-natal and infant care unit in the city. This unit is responsible for managing high-risk cases involving a large number of serious congenital conditions (birth defects) as well as other pediatric conditions. This unit is managed by the most experienced and well-trained of specialists in the city to ensure that every pediatric case gets the best treatment possible.
  • Oncology – The Apollo Cancer Care at Apollo Health City in Hyderabad is one of the most advanced and innovative cancer care medical facility in the state. This unit regularly employs the latest and most advanced medical and surgical treatment technology to treat a large variety of cancer patients. This unit has the best and most modern oncology research and treatment facility that is on par with reputed international healthcare service providers.

Apollo Hospitals tie up with Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants

The Apollo Group of Hospitals has been forging new paths in the healthcare sector of India. The group is striving towards achieving the aim of providing quality healthcare and medical treatment to all patients. This group has been diligently moving ahead with groundbreaking innovations and new inventions in various medical and surgical specialties. The Apollo Group of Hospitals is spread to all corners of India with a multi-specialty healthcare facility in every major city. The group has now grown to include more than 60 separate healthcare facilities with a provision of more than 9,000 beds that are providing efficient and modern medical as well as surgical treatments to patients belonging to all spectrums of society. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants shares this vision of ‘efficient and affordable healthcare for all’ with the Apollo Group of Hospitals and has established a strong association with it to expand their collective reach to include more of foreign national patients. This is aimed at providing the best and most efficient medical and surgical treatment at the most affordable cost for a large variety of medical disorders and diseases.
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