Artificial Disc Replacement Or Spinal Fusion Surgery In India? Make The Right Choice With Travcure

What is Artificial Disc Replacement and Spinal Fusion surgery?

The inter-vertebral disc is responsible to provide cushioning and support between the vertebras. This disc might suffer damage from an injury or a medical disorder (such as scoliosis). When the inter-vertebral disc gets damaged an artificial disc replacement or a spinal fusion surgery to relieve the intense back pain by restricting the movement of the two consecutive damaged vertebras is advised by the doctor. An artificial implant device that works to substitute an inter-vertebral disc replaces the ruptured disc and relieves pain as well as restores the movement. A spinal fusion surgery involves fusing (welding) two consecutive damaged vertebras together in order to restrict their movement and avoid damaging the spinal column nerves.

How does an Artificial Disc Replacement procedure work?

The artificial disc replacement surgery is one of the most reliable methods to relieve lower back pain today. A disc replacement device is similar to a knee or hip replacement implant and mimics the natural inter-vertebral disc in shape, size as well as in functioning. The artificial disc replacement surgery is most often combined with a spinal fusion procedure to help relieve severe lower back pain which is being caused by a degenerated/damaged disc as well as damage to the vertebras. The artificial disc replaces the damaged natural disc. This allows the cushioning and restoration of movement between the vertebras connected by the artificial disc. It also helps to ease the pressure from between the two involved vertebras.

How does a Spinal Fusion surgery work?

A spinal fusion surgery is aimed to help relieve the back pain caused by two damaged consecutive vertebras in the spinal column. The surgery welds (fuse) together the two vertebras with the help of bone graft or bone cement to join the two vertebras together. This restricts the movement of these two vertebras and results in preventing undue pressure from the central nerves in and near the spinal column.

What is the Artificial Disc Replacement procedure?

The artificial disc replacement is one of the more complex, yet successful, surgical procedures to help relieve chronic and severe back pain after other non-surgical treatment methods have failed to address the problem. The orthopedic specialist will perform a physical examination of the body along with certain imaging diagnostic tests to determine the location and severity of the damage to the inter-vertebral disc. After determining the location of the damaged disc the surgeon will start the surgery by administering general anesthesia to the patient in order to avoid pain during the surgical procedure. The surgeon will then make an incision in the abdomen and shift the underlying tissues, muscles and organs to access the spinal column. This approach for surgery prevents any undue damage to the network of nerves around the back. The artificial disc replacement is a device that is manufactured to mimic the size and functions of the natural inter-vertebral disc. The basic artificial disc design consists of a central (nuclear) part along with the outer ring (annulus) if required. This disc is made from a number of medical-grade materials such as metal, plastic or a combination of both. The surgeon might have to prepare the vertebras to fit the artificial disc implant stably.

What is the Spinal Fusion Surgery procedure?

A spinal fusion surgery is advised when the damage to an inter-vertebral disc causes intense pain and restricts the movement of the spinal column. This surgery requires the surgeon to use a bone graft (bone material sourced from the body) or bone cementing material (medical adhesive) in order to fix the two consecutive vertebras together. A set of metal screws and rods may be used to provide stability and support to the newly-fused vertebras till the fusion takes place completely. The surgeon will then put shift the tissues, muscles and organs back in place and close the incision in the abdomen with sutures.

Who is an ideal candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement or Spinal Fusion surgery?

Specific tests are required to determine if a person is an ideal candidate for an artificial disc replacement or a spinal fusion surgical procedure. The orthopedic specialist may ask you to undergo imaging tests such as an x-ray, computerized tomography (CT) scan or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to help determine the severity and location of the vertebral damage. Following are the conditions that decide if a person is eligible for an artificial disc replacement or a spinal fusion surgery:
  • Lower back pain determined to be caused from a lumbar inter-vertebral disc
  • No compression on nerves or facet joint disease detected
  • Not excessively obese
  • Ne previous major lumbar spine surgery
  • No medical disorders/deformities of the spine

What are the complications arising from an Artificial Disc Replacement or Spinal Fusion surgery?

The artificial disc replacement and the spinal fusion surgeries are the more complex orthopedic surgical procedures. As is seen in major surgical procedures these treatments also face certain risks, such as:
  • Infection
  • Blood clot
  • Internal bleeding (hemorrhage)
  • Pain at surgical site
Along with these the surgery also faces certain uncommonly seen complications such as:
  • Shifting of implant
  • Misaligned fusion
  • Vertebral fracture when fixing implant
  • Implant collapse into bone (subsidence)
  • Implant damage after several years

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