Bariatric / Obesity Surgery in India

Obesity worldwide has more than doubled now since 1980. Recognized as a major health concern in the developed regions, obesity has acquired epidemic proportions throughout the world today. WHO figures point out that almost 1.9 billion adults over the age of 18 years were considered obese in 2014. Largely referring to a spectrum of problems with excessive weight ranging from mild to morbidly obese, especially among patients who do not positively respond to traditional methods of diet control & exercise programs of weight loss, Bariatric or Obesity Surgery is a boon to their healthcare solutions. Obesity Surgery is perhaps the only method for such persons through which successful long-term weight loss can be achieved.

What is Bariatric/ Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery commonly known as weight loss surgery includes different types of procedures for individuals who are facing obesity & other health related problems related to obesity. Generally weight loss can be attained by lessening the stomach size. Long-term research has proven that these surgery procedures can give you benefits like, recovery from diabetes, long-term weight loss, lessening the mortality by 20 percent to 40 percent and enhanced cardiovascular activities.

Obesity Surgery in India with Travcure

Due to changing lifestyle, incidence of childhood obesity is also on the rise. Obesity related complications include cardiovascular diseases which were a leading cause of death in 2012. Other medical problems associated with obesity are diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders & some cancers like endometrial, breast & colon. If obesity is not addressed properly it is likely to compound heavily on your medical conditions. Gastric Bypass Surgery in India is cost-considerate & at par with what you could get anywhere across the globe. Offering effective treatments, weight loss surgery in India is a great option you should be considering to solve your obesity problems.

Cost of Bariatric/ Obesity Surgery in India

India is a specialist destination for Bariatric/ Obesity Surgery procedures. Bariatric/ Obesity Surgery cost in India are affordable & just a fraction of what you normally pay in the western developed countries. Offering high-tech medical solutions to a large variety of healthcare problems, it is no wonder that India is one of the most favored global health care destinations today for Bariatric or Obesity Surgery.

Common Obesity Symptoms

Obesity patients display a wide array of associated conditions. Most common symptoms indicating obesity in people include Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Osteoarthritis of Weight-Bearing Joints, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Gastro Esophageal Reflux, Heartburn, Depression, Infertility, Menstrual Irregularities, Skin Breakdown, Swollen Legs, Skin Ulcers, Urinary Stress Incontinence, Extremity Venous Stasis, Dyslipidemia (Lipid Metabolism Abnormalities) & Pulmonary Embolus.

TRAVCURE Bariatric Surgery in India

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

Laparoscopic gastric binding is an effective solution to weight-loss problems. Performed under general anesthesia, the surgeon places a band around upper part of the stomach, thereby creating a small pouch which can hold food. The purpose of this band is to limit the amount of food you eat so as to make you feel full with smaller amounts of food. Once done, your doctor can adjust band to make food pass through stomach, quickly or slowly as required.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery procedure helps you lose weight by altering ways in which stomach & small intestine normally handle food. Surgeons have worked out many different ways to reconnect with intestine, thereby leading to marked reduction in functional volume of stomach accompanied by altered physiological response to food. Foods now consumed will no longer go to some parts of stomach & small intestine which help in absorption. This will eventually help the body cut down on the calories derived from a diet. After a Gastric Bypass Surgery, your stomach will now be smaller, & we will feel full with less.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is clinically known as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery or RNY. It is a fairly short & relatively simple procedure having low risks & good results in short & long-term weight-loss treatments. This surgery bypasses much more of intestine than the standard gastric bypass procedure. Moreover, unlike the gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric procedure does not divert away enzymes & bile from the stomach area.

Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery

Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery will also change normal process of digestion by reducing the size of functional stomach. It will allow foods to bypass parts of small intestine so as to absorb fewer calories. Just because of the risks involved in this surgical procedure it is prescribed only for morbidly obese patients who are BMI 50 & above & not been able to shed weight any other way. The two varieties of this surgical procedure are Biliopancreatic Diversion & Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch. However, best chances of keeping weight off after surgery rests in adopting healthy habits like regular physical activity accompanied by healthy eating.

Gastric Reduction Duodenal Switch Surgery

Gastric Reduction Duodenal Switch or GRDS is a weight-loss surgical procedure composing restrictive & mal-absorptive aspects of digestion. The restrictive portion of procedure involves removing about 70% of stomach along greater curvature. Mal-absorptive aspect of surgery reroutes lengthy portions of small intestine by creating two pathways & single common channel. Digestive loop is shorter of the two pathways brings food from stomach to common channel. The longer biliopancreatic loop takes bile juice from liver to common channel. The common channel is composed of 75-150 centimeters portion of the small intestine where the food & bile contents mix before emptying into large intestine. The purpose of this varied arrangement is to reduce amount of time available to capture calories thereby limiting absorption of fat. GRDS surgery only allows 20% of fat intake to be absorbed into the system.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon Surgery

Once Intragastric Balloon is put in place through mouth inside the stomach, it is filled with sterile saline solution & which then partially fills the stomach. This enables the person feel less hungry & may therefore consume less amounts of food. This is a single day procedure where patients are generally discharged within two hours. Intragastric Balloons placed inside the stomach normally serve purpose for a period of six months. In case doctors recommend extended usage, the old balloon requires to be replaced by a new one each time. Designed to assist individuals who are 10-30 kilograms overweight, this procedure can come in handy for patients who are unsuitable for other types of bariatric or obesity surgeries. Intragastric Balloon Surgery in India is one of the best you can get at low cost to solve your obesity problems.

Sleeve Gastrectomy / Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve Surgery literally reduces the stomach to 25% of its original size. The process involves removal of large portion along greater curvature through surgery resulting in a tube or sleeve-like structure. This procedure is performed through laparoscopy procedures & is irreversible. While permanently reducing the size of the stomach, it is possible that dilation of the stomach is experienced later on in life. Originally a part of duodenal switch, Sleeve Gastrectomy is now a stand-alone procedure. In case this procedure has failed to produce results at the first attempt, patients can ideally resort to revision gastric sleeve surgery.

Other Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

Some of the other common procedures of bariatric surgery in India include mini-gastric bypass surgery, revision gastric bypass surgery & gastric imbrication surgery to solve your concerns relating to obesity.

Basic Eligibility for Bariatric / Obesity Surgery in India

  1. 45 kg or More above Ideal Body Weight
  2. BMI 35 or More with One or More Obesity-Related Health Condition
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