Basic Principles of Holistic Medicine

You might have come across the expression – ‘holistic medicine’ several times. But do you really know what it is and what results it can deliver? Well, in simple terms, holistic medicine refers to a form of healing addressing the entire body systems including physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state of being. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from any chronic illness, and you still do not have any relief, then holistic medicine may prove the right treatment. It aims at conditioning the entire structure of the patient’s body by stabilizing mindset. It changes attitude of patients towards their life, strengthens thinking pattern, and brings about various positive changes.


basic principles of holistic medicine

Major Principles of Holistic Medicines

Holistic medicine practitioners state that unconditional love and support from our family and friends can help in repairing our body from within by promoting the growth of healthy cells. Main principle of holistic medicine is that a person who keeps faith and loves himself enough can overcome any type of illness or disease. The following list describes some other principles of holistic medicines.

  • Healing Power – Holistic approach is mainly based on internal healing. It reveals that everyone has the capability to heal by nurturing their emotional as well as physical state. Holistic practitioners perform various techniques which help patients rediscover themselves and attain the best possible version of themselves.
  • Disease is a Temporary State – Holistic approach focuses on finding out the root cause of disease and then treating its symptoms. It states that disease is just a temporary state of being which can be eliminated from the body by understanding its root cause.
  • Lifestyle Modifications – Holistic approach involves making lifestyle changes which not only impact physical but also psychological state of patients. They help patients stay calm and stress-free in long run.


Types of Treatments Involved in Holistic Medicinal Approach

The following points elaborate major treatments involved in holistic medicinal approach.

  • Ayurvedic Medicines – It is a traditional healthcare practice of India. ‘Ayurveda’ refers to a branch of medicines that target precise cause of disease and wipes it out completely from its roots.
  • Energy Therapies – Holistic practitioners believe that we all are surrounded by positive vibes and energy and such type of vibration or energy can help heal patients. Reiki is the most popular type of healing therapy.
  • Mind-Body Interventions – Mind-body interventions basically include relaxation techniques which primarily focus on eliminating emotional baggage and stress of patients. Meditation and spiritual counseling are the most widely practiced mind-body interventions.
  • Biologically-Based Therapies – Such treatments involve plants or other materials that we get from natural environment. Examples include herbal medicines, massage therapy, and aromatherapy.


Top Reasons to Undergo Holistic Treatments in India

India is the best holistic care hub across the globe. You will find a large number of highly skilled holistic medicine practitioners in India. They have immense knowledge and are renowned for their compassionate, loving, and caring attitude towards international patients. They offer a wide range of holistic treatments including Ayurveda, massage therapy, herbal medicines, Reiki, and aromatherapy. To be honest, holistic treatment cost in western nations like Canada and Australia is very high. Whereas, India provides similar high-quality holistic treatments at extremely affordable prices. In addition to this, Indian holistic practitioners have great success record in healing various chronic illnesses. Therefore, you can completely count on such peerless services and avail holistic treatments in India for obtaining best beneficial results.

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