Mini Face-Lift Surgery: Ready to Reap The Benefits

Mini Facelift Cosmetic Procedure in IndiaWhat is a Mini Facelift Surgery all about?

A mini facelift surgery is performed to enhance the look of the lower third part of your face. The excessive tissues below the nose (around the mouth and chin) are removed and the skin is tightened to give a definitive shape to the jaw and to enhance the contours of your chin. This is one of the more popular surgeries for addressing age-related cosmetic problems such as wrinkles and sagging chin and can work wonders to revive a youthful look and to boost your confidence.

How to prepare for a Mini facelift surgery?

The way to undergo a mini facelift procedure starts with a consultation with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will help you with all the possible alternatives to get a mini facelift as well as make you aware of any risks or complications associated with the surgery. The surgeon will also inform you about the pre and post operative procedures to be followed for the particular kind of mini facelift surgery.

What happens in a Mini Facelift surgery?

A mini facelift surgical procedure is not just about tightening the skin of the lower portion of the face but it involves altering the sub-coetaneous ‘superficial muscular aponeurotic system’ (SMAS) as well as the underlying fat tissues. Better results are achieved when the SMAS is also altered along with the skin from the lower part of the face. The surgeon might choose to administer either local or general anesthesia, depending on their discretion. The basic fundamentals of the mini facelift surgery require the surgeon to make small incisions from below your earlobes to the hairline behind the ears. The surgeon will then pull the sagging skin towards the ears which helps reduce wrinkles and removes the sag in the skin of the chin and jowls. As the SMAS and the skin are sufficiently spread and adheres to the natural contours of the facial bone structure the doctor sutures the incision closed and the remove the excess skin and tissues. At times the mini facelift procedure requires being performed in combination with a number of other cosmetic facial enhancing procedures to achieve the desired results perfectly. It is essential that the cosmetic surgery shows no signs of the skin or the contours being operated to achieve complete harmony and balance for a natural look. It is necessary, at times, to achieve perfection in the facelift procedure by performing an added cosmetic surgery with it, such as:
  • Neck Lift – This process can reduce the sagging skin that stretches from the bottom of your chin to the neck. This is mostly performed by making an incision under your chin and stretching the neck skin towards the chin to remove wrinkles as well as to make the neck skin tight in appearance. The excessive remaining skin and muscle tissues are removed and the incision is sutured.
  • Mid Facelift – This surgery corrects the area between the jaw and the cheekbones. The surgeon can use the incisions behind your ear to tighten the skin and SMAS to regain the lost definition of the cheekbones and give them an enhanced effect.
  • Brow Lift – Also known as an ‘upper facelift’, this procedure requires tightening the skin on the forehead. This procedure is a good way to remove wrinkles and creases from the forehead.
  • Blepharoplasty – This is used to enhance the skin contours from around your eyes. Bags under the eyes, as well as tightening of the upper eyelid area, can help achieve a more youthful appearance.


What are the benefits of a Mini Facelift surgery?

A mini facelift procedure helps improve your physical appearance as well as act as a booster to your self-confidence. These are some other benefits of the mini facelift procedure:
  • Less scarring – Incisions are easy to hide within your natural contours and hairline.
  • Lesser side-effects – This procedure results in lesser swelling, tenderness and bruising.
  • Conservative treatment – This surgery helps you attain your lost natural features and enhances the sharpness and definition of the facial features.
  • Confidence booster – A mini facelift surgery works to increase your self-confidence as well as physical appearance.
  • Efficient – Most mini facelift surgeries are completed on an outpatient basis and finished in a few hours.
A mini facelift procedure is ideal to regain the lost youthful appearance on your face. This is a faster cosmetic surgical procedure that takes lesser time and is more efficient. A mini facelift not only enhances your appearance but also increases your self-confidence to new levels.
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