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Medical Tourism which is trending nowadays refers to the practice of visiting different countries for availing best healthcare facilities at economical prices. Billions of patients world-wide are crossing borders for obtaining excellent medical procedures. Nations like India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Korea & Germany are considered to be some of the key destinations for promoting the concept of medical tourism. These treatments are within the reach of a common man in most cases, surgical treatments & procedures are most often performed by well-experienced doctors using latest technology with high degree of fidelity. Side benefit of healthcare tourism is having an opportunity to travel to another country. Medical tourism in India is being considered as a prime source for availing supreme quality & economical healthcare services. Indian medical tourism offers cost-effective healthcare facilities with no waiting lists & guidance of highly experienced surgeons have spellbound a large number of international patients. Combination of English-speaking medical professionals having great experience along with wide range of provisions is the key selling points of global medical tourism. For these very reasons, medical tourism in India is expected to triple over the next decade. Travcure Medical Tourism is a global healthcare platform catering high-quality yet reasonable treatments to international patients seeking reliable medical facilities in countries like Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, & India. Staunch system of top-notch medical services has made Travcure a much sought after destination for international patients seeking healthcare away from their homeland. Travcure has become one of the top brands in medical tourism industry due to their commitment towards international guests. Healthcare experts at Travcure wanted to precisely portray the essence of medical tourism industry through their website.  Launched on 1st December 2016, their revamped website promotes leading quality & efficient medical solutions for overseas patients in a profound manner. The newly designed website of Travcure has interactive pictures for providing immersive experience to the international patients. It is now a refreshing website demonstrating pervasive information on a number of medical treatments to help patients understand Travcure’s complete range of healthcare solutions. Testimonials of satisfied patients, relevant videos & different categories of medical treatments such as orthopedic, cardiac, spine, cancer, neurology & much more are now clustered together to provide a detailed overview of Travcure capabilities across a wide range of medical treatment procedures.
Created with a user-friendly attitude, this revamped website has been designed using modern technology so that the website is compatible with today's browsers including mobile devices. Patients can access the entire service menu on the visually revolutionized website on their computer screens as well as can be adapted if patients want to browse using a smartphone. No matter what you like, text & images will fit every screen size patients may desire to use! This new website provides patients with a more intuitive user interface, faster navigation, free call-back facility, free medical consultation, healthcare updates & improved search. The homepage welcomes patients with subtle colors, a clean uncluttered design & highlights content focused on quality medical treatments & online medical consultation form for helping patient access quick information. The new site is also arranged with a simplified layout with significantly improved search function through which patients can access names of associated medical insurance companies, globally available multi-speciality hospitals & medical professionals as well. Sidebars on every page provide shortcuts to multimedia content, available chat support experts & free brochure downloads. Another major aspect of the new Travcure medical services is 24X7-availability of healthcare experts, who are just a click away for patients.
The aim to revamp was to minimize complexity & enhance usability; we now provide a more informative & engaging experience for global patients”, said Mr. Owais Saiyed, Director of Travcure Medical Tourism.
Thousands of International medical tourists have already been impressed with the services Travcure provides. Travcure is now globally renowned for providing best deals to international patients in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness & comfort. Now, patients can benefit from a richer online content that is more organized & can share their valuable feedback to encourage efforts put up by the Travcure team.
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