Infertility problems among African men, including Kenyans and Nigerians, are on the rise due to low sperm count as per reports. Studies revealed that proliferation of pesticides like malathion, endosulphan, DDT and others are top triggers of this low sperm count problem among males. While decline in sperm count is a global phenomenon and a […]

Joint Replacement Surgery in India. Arthritis, which was long thought to be a disease of the old people, is increasingly seeping into the younger population due to changes in lifestyle. However, if detected early, arthritis is a curable and manageable condition. The two most common types of arthritis affecting Kenyan population are osteoporosis and rheumatoid […]

Cancer ranks as the third leading cause of death in Kenya and about seven percent of the total national mortality every year. In a total of about 28,000 annual cancer cases, mortality rates are almost 22,000. Moreover, almost 60 percent of these cancers happen in people below 70 years of age. This rapid rise in […]

What is blood cancer? Leukemia or blood cancer is a condition when the Reticulocyte which generally consists of 1% of the total white blood cells multiply rapidly and corrode the ability of bone marrow to produce red blood cells and platelets. The rapidly multiplying immature white blood cells impair growth of healthy white blood cells. […]

Do you know that coronary artery disease (CAD) has become one of the mainstream cause of deaths across the world. Coronary artery disease may result in a fatal condition such as heart attack or even death of respective patients. Medical practitioners reveal that smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, and most importantly sedentary life […]

African countries, including Egypt are having one of the highest prevalence of congenital heart diseases in children and young adults. Data from studies conducted from the African continent highlight this fact including pointing out that congenital heart disease burden is underestimated due to poor outcome of the disease among African children. The report also stressed […]

It is estimated that Kenya is having 40,000 new cancer cases every year and almost 28,000 deaths due to cancer. A large number of these deaths are unfortunately due to delayed diagnosis of the disease. Almost 80 percent of cancer cases in Kenya are diagnosed at an advanced stage and therefore leave very few options […]

There are almost 10 million Kenyan citizens who are non-smokers but are at high risk of developing lung cancer because of inhaling second-hand smoke. Exposure to secondhand smoke generally occurs in bars and nightclubs and which according to the national global adult tobacco survey affects 3.1 million Kenyans. Additionally, 3 million Kenyan citizens are exposed […]

Prostate cancer has become one of the leading reasons for occurrence of death among Nigerian patients. Medical experts at World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that nearly 50,000 men die every year due to this dreadful disease. In most cases, patients fail to diagnose the exact underlying condition due to poor medical facilities in Nigeria. […]

Leave alone the quality of cancer care, cost of cancer treatments in Nigeria are frankly beyond the reach of a common man. It is only palliative care which is accesible for rich cancer patients in the country and the poor literally have no hope for survival. Everything about cancer care, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy […]

Pediatric diseases refer to disorders and ailments that adversely affect health of infants and young children. They may sometimes start to develop when baby is in mother’s womb. Pediatric disorders need early medical supervision. Otherwise, they may lead to serious problems and impact normal growth of children. They may also limit them from enjoying life […]

It is a present day fact that 15 new cases of cervical cancer are reported in Nairobi alone every week. Cervical cancer in many cases is caused by human papilloma virus which is sexually transmitted. This can however be prevented by vaccinations or successfully treated when it is diagnosed in early stages. Cervical cancer among […]

Nasal septum can be simply considered as a wall that separates two sides of nose. It comprises of bones, cartilage and soft tissues. Septum deviation is a medical condition that appears when nasal septum gets diverted from center area in an abnormal way. It may block the breathing passage lead to serious breathing complications over […]

Cardiac ablation or heart ablation is cardiac surgery which is meant to correct problems with heart rhythm (arrhythmias). It works by scarring or destroying heart tissue which is triggering abnormal heart rhythm. Moreover, cardiac ablation is also able to prevent transmission of abnormal electrical signals from entering the heart. Minimally invasive heart ablation procedure uses […]

As we are familiar that more than 12 million people around the world are diagnosed with Cancer, it is a major worldwide health concern. Millions of people can be benefitted from Radiation Therapy. Curative or palliative treatments against tumors includes radiation. The treatment is often simulated during planning before the real treatment is administered to […]

Heart disease are also known as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease. It occurs when arteries become clogged or blocked. When more than one coronary artery gets narrow, there comes difficulty for adequate blood to reach the artery. There are various other heart diseases with several causes and different symptoms. When the blood flow […]

Quality of life for almost 45 percent of the world’s population is affected due to problems with sleep. Lack of proper sleep, both in quantity and quality, is associated with high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, lowered immunity and problems with the endocrine system so as to cause mood swings, irritability, […]

Cancer is a dreadful disease and needs a prompt health care treatment. It not just affects patient’s physical state of being but also their mental state. There are various factors that contribute to the success of cancer treatment. Most important is the experience and patients handling capacity of respective cancer specialists or oncologists. So, if […]

You might have come across the expression – ‘holistic medicine’ several times. But do you really know what it is and what results it can deliver? Well, in simple terms, holistic medicine refers to a form of healing addressing the entire body systems including physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental state of being. If you or […]

Radiation Therapy is a popular medical intervention which is used to treat diseases like cancer. This procedure involves using high-intensity radiation beams to serve the purpose. These beams are capable enough to destroy cancerous cells in patient’s body. Patients struggling with cancer do not need to worry regarding pain and discomfort. Radiation therapy is a […]

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