The ‘da Vinci’ robotic surgery system is one of the latest medical interventions. This system enables a doctor to carry out complex surgical procedures with a high degree of precision. This system comprises small instruments interlinked with a 3-D vision system. These instruments can bend, rotate, or turn just like a human hand. Surgeons can […]

Stem cells hold a great potential for treating a range of injuries, diseases and other health-related conditions. Moreover, use of blood stem cells have enhanced the reach of stem cell therapy and saved thousands of lives as well. Stem cell therapy is routinely used nowadays for treating injuries or disease to bone, skin and surface […]

While thin lips are a cause of concern for many women, full and sensual lips are normally considered ideal. Lip augmentation is an ideal cosmetic surgery option which use dermal fillers or lip implants for plumping thin lips and enhancing profile of the entire face. Lip augmentation effectively increases lip volume and fills age related […]

Tinnitus is a health condition which gives rise to hearing problems such as undesired buzzing, humming or ringing sound in ears. Main fact is such sounds do not come from an external environment, they emerge within the ears due to some underlying problem. In some instances, it may adversely impact patient’s hearing ability and cause […]

Bariatric surgery effectively helps people lose weight alongside lowering the risk of medical problems which are commonly associated with obesity. The two main methods employed by bariatric surgery are restriction and malabsorption of food. The four most popular types of bariatric surgeries sought by obesity patients across the world include Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, adjustable gastric […]

Cancer is touted as the most life-threatening disease as mortality rate of patients dying from cancer has increased steadily over past few years. It is not easy for a patient to deal with cancer because this disease weakens entire body and may cause unbearable pain. This indicates that cancer not only affects physical status of […]

Deep brain stimulation which involves implanting electrodes within certain areas of the brain has gained importance as a treatment for a number of neurological movement disorder conditions over the last few years. These implanted electrodes are meant to produce electrical impulses which regulate any abnormal impulses within the brain. Moreover, these electrical impulses can also […]

High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU, in short, is an early-stage therapeutic treatment for improving the quality of life of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors patients in a non-invasive approach. HIFU is novel and latest technique which precisely and accurately focuses beams of ultrasonic energy upon targets deep inside brain without damaging the normal tissue surrounding […]

Bradycardia has become one of the most common heart diseases nowadays. It slows down the heartbeat rate significantly and disturbs normal functioning of the heart. The heart may fail to pump sufficient amount of blood which may lead to life-threatening complications. Dizziness, fainting, and chest pain are the major symptoms associated with bradycardia. A pacemaker […]

Mainly found in the ovaries and testicles, germ cells are cells which eventually develop into eggs and sperms. Sometimes germ cells are also found to be left behind in some other parts of the body. Most often, germ cell tumors develop within ovaries or testicles since this is basically the place where they are normally […]

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a fluid which covers and protects brain as well as spinal cord of an individual. Hydrocephalus is a health condition that causes accumulation of the excessive amount of CSF or cerebrospinal fluid in patient’s brain. This neurological condition can result in various life-threatening problems. It may create pressure on nerves and […]

So you’ve heard that a popular celebrity has undergone facelift surgery to get that attractive appearance and you too want that facial profile. Looking at your excitement, we will surely discuss regarding facelift procedure. But before we begin the discussion, it’s important for you to understand that undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery should be […]

Nowadays, erection problem has become a principal cause of concern amongst men. Every man suffers from erection trouble at some point in time. It is absolutely normal & gets settle down on its own in most instances. When such problem persists for a longer time and starts to affect one’s sexual life, then respective individuals […]

Any hip injury or joint disease that causes severe hip pain can be treated efficiently with physical therapy and medicines. Patients who do not get any relief despite these primary treatments may opt for a hip surgery. Also known as ‘arthroplasty’, hip replacement surgery is a medical intervention performed to treat diseased hip joint. It […]

Nowadays, prevalence of brain tumor among people is increasing steadily. A brain tumor occurs due to formation of unusual malignant cells in patient’s brain and surrounding area. Tumors in brain can adversely affect an individual’s quality of life and lead to debilitating condition. This life-threatening disease may also lead to patient’s death if left untreated. […]

Recovery following coronary artery bypass graft surgery is different for every person. However, it involves several steps beginning from time in the hospital, time at home & time spent over the rehabilitation program. Nevertheless, recovery from CABG surgery is a lengthy process during which patient experience may differ a bit than the typical course which […]

The medical practice of neurosurgery is concerned with diagnosing & treating various conditions, illnesses & injuries involving the brain, nervous system & other support structures. Neurosurgery can especially be useful for people with conditions involving the skull, brain, spinal cord & other protective coverings of nerve tissues which have failed to positively respond to medications […]

Knee joint is a significant joint in human body. Healthy knees are extremely important as it is required for movement. However, a joint disease known as arthritis may lead to pain and inflammation in a sound knee joint. According to top healthcare reports, arthritis affects nearly 40 million of the worldwide population. In such instances, […]

Heart diseases are coined to be the leading cause for high mortality rates & this is one of the reasons as to why number of heart valve replacement surgery has doubled over past few decades. Heart diseases are no longer said to affect patients as they age; it is a disease that affects patients in […]

Any patient who has undergone trials & trauma of weight loss surgery will tell that bariatric surgery is not an easy quick fix solution to a great body. Bariatric surgery is neither for too lazy to diet & exercise obese patients as these are essential parts of a pre & post operative plans. Lifestyle changes […]

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