Fortis Hospitals: Where To Find Them?

Fortis Hospitals – An overview

Fortis Healthcare Limited is the entity that manages the Fortis chain of hospitals. These hospitals are complete and most advanced medical and surgical healthcare facilities and are India’s largest provider of healthcare delivery services which includes from day care centers to highly-advanced diagnostic centers as well as comprehensive super-specialty hospitals. Fortis has over 50 healthcare facilities spread over every major city of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc as well as a major presence in the healthcare services abroad in locations such as Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. These facilities combine to provide over 10,000 beds for the patients. Fortis has over 250 advanced diagnostic centers that are equipped to provide the most accurate and fast diagnosis to make the treatment prompt and more successful. These diagnostic centers are equipped with the most modern in diagnostic testing, from imaging tests such as x-ray test, MRI scan, CT scan, bone marrow biopsy and aspiration, barium enema and other more advanced diagnostic tests. The Fortis Hospitals are comprehensive and total healthcare solution facilities that are able to manage all types of medical diseases, disorders as well as any type of trauma and its complications.

Fortis Hospitals Branches

Fortis Hospitals have made a truly remarkable presence as being the foremost healthcare service providers in all major Indian cities with over 50 multispecialty and complete healthcare facilities spread across the span of the country, Fortis Hospitals are known for being the top choice for efficient and affordable healthcare services. These are a few of the major Fortis Hospitals that provide high-quality medical treatment and services to thousands of patients each day: NORTH INDIA: Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana – The Fortis Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab is a 250+ bed super specialty tertiary healthcare facility that was started in 2013. In just three short years, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana has become the leading healthcare service provider for thousands of patients in the city as well as the surrounding area. Due to its top-of-the-class infrastructure and the most experienced healthcare experts and doctors, the hospital has made a mark in the healthcare services of the city. This super-specialty hospital is equipped to handle a variety of medical disorders related to cancer (oncology), gastroenterology, maternal and neonatal healthcare, sports injuries, etc and provide the most efficient treatment using the most advanced medical technology available today. Fortis Hospital, Amritsar – The Fortis Hospital at Amritsar, Punjab is a comprehensive 150+ bed multi-specialty hospital, with over 50 ICU beds, that is popular for being a cardiac-specialty hospital in the region. Started over 13 years ago, in 2003, this hospital has grown to be the most trusted and the top choice for getting treatment for a variety of medical disorders and diseases related especially to cardiology (heart) but not limited to it. This medical facility is also equipped to efficiently manage treatment for oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, etc. The Fortis Hospital, Amritsar is also the proud recipient of NABH certificate in the whole of the region. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI), Delhi – The Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI) at Delhi is a pioneer in innovation in cardiac care in the whole country. With literally thousands of complex heart surgeries and treatments been successfully completed till date the FEHI is the leader in cardiac healthcare in India. With the most advanced and innovative heart care technology and techniques at their disposal, the highly-experienced cardiac specialists and consultants at FEHI have ensured to gain an impeccable rate of success in performing all types of simple to complex heart treatments and surgeries as well as providing a complete heart care program. The FEHI has been recognized for its excellence and innovation in providing highest quality of cardiac care to its patient with numerous awards and accolades. The FEHI is a 300+ bed NABH-accredited and JCI-certified cardiology care hospital and has been operational since 1988. SOUTH INDIA: Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – The Fortis Hospital at Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore is a 400-bed multi-specialty tertiary healthcare center which began operating in 1999 and has since become the foremost choice of patients seeking medical and healthcare for a large variety of disorders and diseases related to various medical specialties. This comprehensive hospital is equipped with the latest and most modern in medical, diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative technology that enables its team of highly-experienced and intensively-trained doctors and experts to perform successful treatments and surgeries every day for various disorders related to cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, etc with the use of advanced minimal access surgery (MAS). Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road, Bangalore – The Fortis Hospital at Cunningham Road in Bangalore is a 150-bed tertiary healthcare center which began operating in 1990 and has since made its name as being the foremost provider of excellent interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery services in the region. Besides cardiology, this hospital is well-equipped to handle cases related to urology, digestive problems, orthopedics, emergency trauma care as well as critical care services. EAST INDIA: Fortis Hospital, Anandpur, Kolkata – The NABH-accredited Fortis Hospital at Anandpur in Kolkata is a global-class super-specialty tertiary healthcare center. This huge 400-bed facility is equipped with the most advanced medical and surgical technology equipments to provide the best healthcare in urology, cardiology and cardiac care, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, emergency care, etc. This hospital is a complete emergency service center with a modern trauma treatment center, critical care, ambulance services, blood bank, cardiac operation theatre, emergency care, etc to provide 24/7 emergency healthcare service. Fortis Hospital & Kidney Institute (FHKI), Kolkata – The Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute at Rash Behari Avenue in Kolkata is the pioneer in advanced renal care in the region. The FHKI is dedicated in providing innovative, efficient and excellent care in urology and nephrology. This 43-bed super-specialty hospital began operating in 1999. This urology-specialty healthcare center has since then performed various innovative and successful kidney transplantation and other complex renal procedures. WEST INDIA: Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, New Mumbai – Started in 2007, the Fortis Hiranandani Hospital in Vashi, New Mumbai is a comprehensive and advanced multi-specialty tertiary healthcare provider with 140+ beds. This hospital has a super-ICU to provide excellent and efficient emergency care for critically ill patients. This facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced diagnostic, treatment and surgical facilities in the region and is the only NABH-accredited hospital in New Mumbai. This center offers services with departments such as ENT, neuroscience and neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, etc which have a team of dedicated and highly-experienced specialists and surgeons to ensure that every patient gets a bespoke and comprehensive treatment. Fortis Group of Hospitals joins forces with Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants to provide affordable medical treatment for all Fortis Group of Hospitals is the largest and most comprehensive healthcare service provider in all of India. Fortis Hospitals are well-known for being equipped with the most advanced and modern medical and surgical equipments and being managed by the country’s most experienced and extensively-trained doctors, surgeons, specialists and consultants along with a well-behaved and caring supporting nursing staff. Travcure Medical Tourism has made its mark as being India’s foremost medical tourism service provider. Travcure has been working relentlessly in providing an opportunity for thousands of patients, especially from abroad, to get treatment for their medical conditions and disorders in India at the most efficient, yet affordable cost. With the joining of forces between these leaders in India’s healthcare service sector it has now become increasingly easier for patients to get the best-quality and most efficient treatment at the most affordable price with bespoke treatment package for every individual patient.  
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