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Buttock Lift Surgery

Having shapely backside is perhaps the most significant aspect of looking attractive. However, not everyone has naturally curvaceous buttocks & neither specialized exercise routines & workout videos can always give the desired results. When the goal is to make buttocks look better in any form, the best option that would strike one’s mind would perhaps be plastic surgery. Thorough ongoing research & convincing evidence from health journals, renowned magazines & reports, it has been proven that in the past few years, there is nearly 70 percent rise in patients opting for buttock lift surgery, which is a result oriented cosmetic surgery to enhance contour of buttocks. Furthermore, patients who feel miserable because of their buttocks, whether due to their shape, size or presence of sagging skin can easily amend their profile with this cosmetic surgery procedure. Buttock lift surgery is an effective solution for those who have lost weight & or who simply seek to improve the appearance of their asymmetrical backsides.

What is Buttock Lift Surgery?

Buttock lift surgery, clinically known as butt lift or gluteoplasty is a surgical procedure which improves excess fat & skin resulting from aging, heredity factors or following massive weight loss in the gluteal region. This procedure involves removing fat & skin through surgical excision & liposuction for improving buttock’s figure.

Time to Consider Buttock Lift Surgery

  • Drooping Skin – When patients have very loose, sagging skin & unwanted fat in the buttocks.
  • Weight – When patients have recently experienced dramatic weight loss & are close to their ideal weight.
  • Mournful Due to Backside – When gluteal area makes someone feel self-conscious & unhappy.
  • Physical Problems – When excessive skin & fat makes someone highly uncomfortable or causes mobility issues.
  • Desire Toned Buttocks – When patients simply wants their buttocks to look smoother & more toned.

Good Candidates for Buttock Lift Surgery

Excessive fat in the gluteal region can add bulk & frustrate efforts to earn a slimmer, more sculpted body through weight loss. Patients bothered by these conditions might be good candidates for butt lift surgery.

  • Heavy Weight Loss – Patients who have undergone heavy weight loss through dieting.
  • Aging Factor – When aging leaves patients with loose skin & cellulite below the waistline.
  • Non-Smoker – It important for patients to quit smoking as it slows down the healing process & increases risk of severe complications post-surgery.
  • Skin Laxity – When patients observe serious skin laxity, excessive skin & sagginess of buttocks.
  • Stable Body – For excellent results, weight of patients should be stable for undergoing buttock lift surgery with no massive weight loss expectations.
  • Good Health – Patients should be in good general health, since surgeons are most likely to use anesthesia during butt lift surgery. Patients should also be able to heal properly following surgery.
  • Mentally Strong – Patients should also be psychologically healthy as butt lift surgery takes several months to heal.
  • Realistic Expectations – Patients should have realistic approach towards buttock lift surgery. They should have a clear understanding of everything related to his surgery.

Patients should fulfill this criterion to undergo successful butt lift surgery with minimal complications.

General Technique for Performing Buttock Lift Surgery

The technique depends upon the quality of patient’s skin, how much unwanted fat & skin is there to remove & the body shape. Plastic surgeons will decide what options are open to patients. If there is massive amount of skin to remove, patients may opt for a lower body lift, which would aid in removing skin around stomach, thighs, buttock & hips. When this results in loss of volume to buttocks, a buttock augmentation surgery might be ideal following butt lift surgery. Placement of butt implants is the most preferred technique of performing butt lift surgery. Main goal of placing butt implants is to make buttocks rounder & fuller. For this purpose, a silicone implant is placed under gluteus maximus muscle, in a process which is identical to breast augmentation surgery. These implants are placed through a small incision which is concealed in the gluteal cleft.

Preparing for Buttock Lift Surgery

Patients should choose a cosmetic surgeon based upon the following prototype.

  • Experience – Plastic surgeons must be experienced in the field of plastic surgery especially buttock lift surgery.
  • Success Rates of Buttock Lift Surgery – One should select a plastic surgeon having good record in performing a butt lift surgery.
  • Reliable – Patients must be completely comfortable with the plastic surgeon in order to clear their doubts.

One should seek an appointment for an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon to discuss cosmetic goals. Plastic surgeon will then discuss risks & complications about butt lift surgery with the patient & examine his/her fitness levels. Patients should not hesitate to discuss their medical status & any health problems. An open & honest discussion will increase chances of better treatment. Patients should ask questions to plastic surgeons without being shy as mutual trust is very important in order to get the desired outcome.

Questions to Ask Cosmetic Surgeons Regarding Buttock Lift Surgery

Patients should have complete information about butt lift surgery. For this purpose, they should freely talk to the cosmetic surgeon. Some significant questions are listed below which patients can use during initial consultation.

  • Do you specialize in performing buttock lift surgery?
  • Am I a good candidate for buttock lift surgery?
  • How many years of experience do you have in performing buttock lift surgery?
  • Where will you perform my buttock lift surgery?
  • Are the results I am seeking realistic & reasonable?
  • Can you provide me before & after photos of your old patients so that I get an idea about outcomes of buttock lift surgery?
  • Will my wounds be visible after buttock lift surgery? Where will my wounds & marks be located?
  • What will be the overall cost associated with my buttock lift surgery?
  • Can you please brief me about potential risks & complications associated with my buttock lift surgery?
  • What will you expect of me to get the desired results?
  • How much of recovery period can I expect?
  • When can I resume my normal activities after surgery?
  • What can we do if the cosmetic outcome of my buttock lift surgery does not match the goals we agreed upon?

These questions will clear most doubts of patients & will help the plastic surgeon understand the patient’s requirements & expectations from buttock lift surgery.

Four Weeks before Buttock Lift Surgery

  • Avoid Bad Habits – Patients must quit smoking & consuming excess amount of alcohol before undergoing buttock lift surgery to avoid post-surgery complications & promote faster & easier healing.
  • Avoid Certain Medications – Patients should also avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin & some herbal medications because they may result in heavy bleeding after surgery.
  • Water Intake – Proper hydration is extremely essential before & after buttock lift surgery for safe recovery.

One Week before Buttock Lift Surgery

Patients must arrange for a friend or family member to drive them to & from hospital, as well as someone to help take care of him after his buttock lift surgery procedure. Patients should take off from his/her work as they will not be able to go to work for a few weeks of time after buttock lift surgery in order to allow wounds to heal smoothly.

Buttock Lift Surgery Procedure

Buttock lift surgery procedure involves the following major steps.

  • Anesthesia – Plastic surgeons will typically operate patients on either local anesthesia or general anesthesia & sedation to keep them safe & cozy throughout the buttock lift surgery.
  • Incisions – Cosmetic surgeons will make an incision at the top of buttocks, in the groin, hips or under buttock cheeks to eliminate extra skin & be able to pull remaining skin closer.
  • Closing Incisions – Liposuction may be used to further shape buttocks or thigh area so as to get a more balanced look. When patients opt for buttock implants, rigid silicone materials made to suit patient’s preferences for texture & size will be implanted. At the end, incisions are stitched together & closed in layers to ensure that skin remains supple & tight.
  • Dressing – Dressings & drains are placed & generally a compression garment is worn to minimize swelling of skin. Buttock lift surgery typically takes between three to four hours of time to complete.

In this way, buttock lift surgery is conducted by plastic surgeons. Recovery of patient depends upon various factors. If patients take proper prescribed medications & refrain from smoking & unhealthy practices, they are likely to recover at a good speed.

Recovery Following Buttock Lift Surgery

Mostly, patients can presume to be bandaged & wearing compression garments. Once patients learn to take care of their drains, feel relaxed start moving & walking, they will be discharged from hospital. When anesthesia completely wears off, one may have some pain. Patients should contact cosmetic surgeons in case pain is long-lasting & severe. Swelling & redness is normal after buttock lift surgery. It may even remain for a couple of weeks after surgery. If it remains for a longer time, then patients should contact the cosmetic surgeon to determine if the pain & swelling is normal or an indication of some kind of problem. Two to three weeks after buttock lift surgery, patients may be able to resume routine activities, except for strenuous exercise. Full recovery will take several months. Patients should however remain calm & honestly follow plastic surgeon’s instructions for faster & healthy recovery after buttock lift surgery.

Potential Risks & Complications of Buttock Lift Surgery

Fortunately, serious complications from buttock-lift surgery are uncommon. Most possible risks will be discussed during consultation period by respective cosmetic surgeons. Following list gives an idea of risks associated with buttock lift surgery.

  • Negative Reactions to Anesthesia
  • Severe Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma or Seroma
  • Bruising
  • Changes in Sensation of Buttocks
  • Scarring of Buttocks
  • Prolonged Numbness
  • Soreness
  • Allergies Due to Medications
  • Injury to Underlying Structures
  • Sutures Complications
  • Constant Pain
  • Unsatisfactory Outcome that may require Additional Treatments

These risks cannot be completely denied. However, these issues can be minimized by carefully following pre-surgery & post-surgery instructions of plastic surgeons. Patients must understand all these possibilities before deciding to undergo buttock lift surgery.

Outcomes of Buttock Lift Surgery

Results from buttock lift surgery are very resilient. However, aging, weight fluctuations, & pregnancy will take a toll on body & outcome of buttock lift surgery may shift over time. Nevertheless, when patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, they will enjoy the youthful contour for a longer period of time. Major benefits of buttock lift surgery can be explained as follows.

  • Improved Contour – Patients will get an improved buttock shape through repositioning excessive fat & tissue through butt lift surgery procedure.
  • Better Living Standard – Patients will be able to comfortably exercise & perform daily activity once extra fat, skin & tissue have been removed.
  • Enhanced Self-Confidence – It will enhance self-confidence of patients & eventually make them happy & cheerful.

Regular follow-ups with plastic surgeons will help patients avoid complications & maintain perkier contour. Majority of patients enjoy these benefits after butt lift surgery.

Medical Tourism in India for Best & Affordable Buttock Lift Surgery

Benefits of medical tourism in India are getting extensively famous among international patients. Today, India offers a wide range of plastic surgery treatments at par with the best global standards at just a fraction of the cost as compared to other developed nations like the UK, or United States. Main advantages of undergoing plastic surgeries in India are listed below.

  • Top-notch facilities for performing complex surgeries like buttock lift surgery
  • Cost effectiveness of treatment
  • Skilled & experienced plastic surgeons
  • No waiting time for surgical procedures
  • Confidentiality & privacy of treatment is maintained in cosmetic surgery

Travcure Medical Tourism is one of the pioneers & most reputable medical care provider in India. Travcure yields safe healthcare solutions by redefining healthcare delivery through passion of its compassionate staff. Travcure has tie-ups with multi-speciality hospitals offering plastic surgeries like buttock lift surgery to international patients coming to India. Travcure is a one-stop destination for holistic medical care as it also arranges an exotic vacation for overseas patients after they complete treatments so as to rejuvenate their mind, body & soul.

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