Understand The Reason of Cellulite and Different Treatment Option

cellulite treatment in IndiaWhat is Cellulite?

Cellulite, also known as orange peel syndrome and adiposis edematosa, is the collection of fat under the connective tissues beneath the skin that results in formation of small bumps and irregularities. Cellulite deposits are mostly seen in the abdomen, lower limbs, thighs and the general area around the pelvis. Most post-pubescent women experience cellulite deposits and is a form of physiological disorder.

What are the signs and symptoms of Cellulite?

The commonly seen signs and symptoms of cellulite include:
  • Dimpled skin
  • Small bumps on the skin
  • Rumpled skin
Most mild cellulite deposits are seen as rumpled skin when the skin is pinched.

What are the causes and risk factors of Cellulite?

There are various causes of cellulite based on the changes in your physiology, metabolism, exercise habits, diet variation, dimorphic skin construction, connective tissue structure as well as several genetic factors. These are the main causes of cellulite formation:


Estrogen level change is known to increase the formation of cellulite in the body. Apart from estrogen the other hormones that aggravate the growth of cellulite in the body are insulin noradrenaline, catecholamines adrenaline, prolactin and thyroidal hormones.


Genes play an important role in susceptibility to formation of cellulite.


Highly stressful lifestyle results in an increase in catecholamines which is linked to formation of cellulite in the body.

Other factors:

Circulatory insufficiency, lymphatic insufficiency, distribution of underlying fat deposits, biotype and race are also known to be factors indicating towards higher chances of cellulite deposition. The risks caused due to cellulite deposit are very less as it is not known to have any kind of adverse effect on the body. Cellulite is more common in women than men and is mostly seen in the buttocks, hips and thighs of a woman. Aging and elasticity decrease in the skin causes the cellulite to become more noticeable.

What are the treatment options for Cellulite in India?

The treatment methods for cellulite are various but the evidence for their long-term effectiveness in not sufficient. Here are a few options that are available for treating cellulite in India:


This surgical procedure is useful in removing fat deposits from under the skin however liposuction is ideally useful for removing larger fat deposits and not the finer and much smaller cellulite deposits successfully.


Mesotherapy works by injecting enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins under the skin which may help break down the cellulite fat deposits and bring slight improvement in the skin’s appearance.


Spa treatment

Massage therapy and certain spa treatments are known to bring temporary reprieve from cellulite by smoothening the skin appearance. This method does not remove cellulite but works on removing the irregular appearance of the skin.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment helps burn the fat under the skin and melts it to break up its connection with the skin tissue. This method also helps in increasing production of collagen in the body.

What are the myths and misconceptions related to Cellulite?

These are the more common misconceptions and myths that prevail regarding the causes and treatments for cellulite: Slim people do not get cellulite – Body type factor has very little to do with cellulite formation. Aging, weight fluctuation and damage due to the solar rays are the main factors that determine if a person gets cellulite. Loss in weight reduces cellulite – Cellulite is basically formed between the skin and the connective muscular tissues so the amount of fat in the body has little to do with cellulite formation. Only aging causes cellulite – Although aging does increase chances of cellulite deposit due to lessened elasticity, it only enhances the visibility of cellulite as it can form in people of all ages. Cellulite is simply fat – Although weight fluctuation does play an important role in cellulite formation it is what kind of skin structure that you have is what decides cellulite formation. The weakening of the connective tissues between the skin and the underlying muscles causes the wrinkling and dimpling of the skin. Cellulite affects only women – Although cellulite formation is more common in women men are also known to have cellulite. This rarity is the result of the stronger bond between the skin layer and the underlying connective tissue in men. Cardio is the ultimate cellulite buster – Cardio exercises are useful in reducing weight drastically but the weight and strength training exercises are more useful in strengthening the connective tissues between the skin and underlying muscle in the body.
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