Complete Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery in India

Shoulder replacement surgery is required when an acute case of severe arthritis occurs in your shoulder joint and renders movement painful and decreases the functioning of the shoulder normally. It is recommended usually when the pain is too severe to be alleviated with painkillers.

The shoulder replacement surgery is useful to regain the strength and movement back in the shoulder and allow it to function in a normal manner.

When do I need a Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

The doctor will do a complete physical examination of the shoulder joint to check if there are any other factors that are making the shoulder joint pain. An X-ray is most of the times recommended by the doctor to check for the damage to the shoulder joint.

If the shoulder joint has extensive damage and the doctor feels that medicines and natural healing process will not alleviate the pain then shoulder replacement surgery will be recommended by the doctor.

What Happens in a Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery is done by implanting an artificial shoulder joint to replace the damaged joint. The shoulder joint is a typical ‘ball and socket’ joint. In this the upper part of the humerus (upper arm bone) is shaped in a ball-like shape while the scapula (shoulder bone) is the socket part where the ball of the humerus fits snugly, lubricated with cartilage for smooth movement.

When for some reason (arthritis or shoulder trauma) the cartilage or bone of the joints get damaged they need to be replaced. The surgical procedure for shoulder replacement requires the doctor to cut the ball part of the humerus and fit an artificial metal piece having a rounded end similar to the humerus end.

The shoulder bone (scapula) socket is replaced with a similar functioning artificial socket too. The doctor will then close the incisions made for the procedure.

What to Expect After Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

The doctors usually give antibiotics through an IV to lower the risk of any type of infection after surgery. The doctor will also recommend a dosage of painkillers to alleviate the pain and also prescribe pain killers if there are risks of a blood clot.

The doctor will also attach a surgical tube inside the incision on the shoulder that will help drain any additional fluid that occurs in the shoulder. Post surgery the doctor will consult with a physiotherapist to suggest what kind of exercises, and for how long; you will have to perform them.

When Should I Avoid Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgeries are not by recommended by doctors for certain people, such as:
  • People who are in poor health condition.
  • People who are more at risk of an infection.
  • People who suffer from osteoporosis (thinning of bones).
  • People whose shoulder muscles have massive damage or weakness.

Are there Any Risks Involved with Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

As in any kind of major surgery, the shoulder replacement surgery also carries certain risks, such as:
  • Weak joint – This can result from the soft tissue being stretched extensively soon after the surgery.
  • Lack of extensive motion – This depends upon the range of motion before the surgery as well. The cause could be stiffened shoulder muscles.
  • Delayed healing of wound – This is a typical risk found to occur because of corticosteroid medication or with people who suffer from diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Nerve injury – This is a very rare risk as it can be caused when there is deformity in the joint as well. It is usually signified by a numbing and tingling sensation in the arm and usually goes away after some time.
  • Blood clot – Prolonged inactivity after the surgery raises the risk of a blood clot occurring in the leg which can be dangerous if it travels through the blood vessels and reaches the heart or the lungs. People, who are obese, or suffering from cancer, are more likely to have a blood clot.

Where to Get Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India?

Shoulder replacement surgery is quite a delicate and complex procedure that needs proper diagnosis and a high level of treatment. The hospitals in India are well-equipped with the latest in medical and surgical instruments that assist the well-trained and experienced surgeons and doctors of India to perform the surgery much more efficiently as compared to their counterparts in other countries. 

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