Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Procedure

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Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery for Healthy and Pain-Free Joints

Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery. Joints play a crucial role in human body. They are responsible for holding entire framework of body in terms of bones and structures that interconnect different parts. Knee joint and hip joint are most significant joints as they help an individual in performing basic routine activities like sitting, resting, standing, running, climbing stairs, and so on. Any injury to joint may result in intense pain which can eventually lead to disabling condition if not treated on time. Therefore, people experiencing swelling or pain around joint and are not able to perform self-care activities for more than two weeks should seek a prompt treatment.

Conventional Treatment Options for Joint Pain

The following points elaborate some conventional treatments options for handling joint pain.
Medications – Taking pain-controlling medicines is the primary treatment option for joint pain. In most cases, doctors advice intake of painkillers to patients who are struggling with mild joint pain. They may get complete relief within a short time.
Ice Packs or Hot Packs – In addition to medications, applying ice packs or hot packs at the swollen or painful joint area may prove beneficial for patients.
Physical Therapy – A physical therapist assists patients in understanding and learning suitable exercises which can significantly reduce joint pain. Therefore, respective primary doctor may refer patients to a well-versed physical therapist for helping them improve joint range of motion in a smooth manner.
Joint Replacement Surgery – A joint replacement surgery is mostly suggested when above-mentioned treatments fail to serve the purpose of maximizing joint health condition. It involves replacing painful and deteriorated old joint with a new artificial joint. In this way, joint replacement procedure can give relief to patients and enhance their quality of life to a large extent.

Advanced Treatment – Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Computer-assisted joint replacement surgery is a new feather in the cap of joint replacement surgeries. This surgical procedure involves the use of computer-assisted techniques such as two dimensional or three dimensional (2D or 3D) imaging which reduces chances of misalignment of joint and maintains a high degree of accuracy. It has been observed that loosening of the artificial joint is a major issue involved with a traditional joint replacement. This is why orthopedic surgeons are using this advanced method to minimize such risks and ensure successful outcomes. Knee and hip joint surgery are most widely performed computer-assisted joint replacement procedures across the world.

Good Candidates for Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Patients who fall under the following category are most suitable for undergoing a computer-assisted joint replacement procedure.
Joint Disease – Patients struggling with a serious joint disease such as arthritis and are not able to move due to stiffness or perform daily tasks freely can undergo computer-assisted joint replacement surgery.
Failure of Conventional Methods – Patients who have consumed enough medications and tried physical therapy but their joints did not show any sort of improvement are suitable candidates for computer-assisted joint replacement surgery.
Injury or Fracture – Patients who have met a severe accident and fractured their joint can also opt for this computer assisted surgery for getting best results.
Overall Health Status – Patients should not have a history of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or heart attack. In addition to this, they should have a normal weight. Otherwise, obesity can affect their recovery.

Preparing for Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

At first, patients will need to choose a well-trained orthopedic surgeon. It will increase the chances of a successful computer-assisted joint surgery.
General Health Evaluation – During the initial appointment, orthopedic surgeons may ask regarding patient’s lifestyle, their medical history, and medicines which they consume on daily basis. Patients should stay honest and tell every minute detail.
Imaging Tests – Respective orthopedic surgeons are likely to suggest imaging tests like magnetic resonance imaging procedure (MRI) and computed tomography scan (CT scan). These tests are capable of producing high-quality images of patient’s joints and surrounding structures like ligaments and tendons. It will help the surgeons for obtaining a precise diagnosis report.
Quit Smoking – Quitting habit of smoking the most important step which every patient should follow strictly prior their computer-assisted joint replacement surgery. Otherwise, smoking may create trouble during wound healing phase.

Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Procedure

Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement is a safe procedure which can be performed with the help of following steps.
Specialized Instruments – Respective orthopedic surgeons use specialized instruments such as electronic probes. These probes are carefully placed at an appropriate joint position where the patients will be operated.
Connectivity – Probes provide a connectivity between damaged joint area and 2D or 3D imaging technique which orthopedic surgeon will view on a monitor screen during surgery. High-resolution images of joint will be formed in real-time and send to monitor. This will help the surgeons to have a thorough view of internal joint region throughout the surgery.
Artificial Joint Implant – 2D or 3D imaging system guides the orthopedic surgeon to place the artificial joint at exact required position. Thus, it avoids the biggest problem of joint dislocation and aids stability to operated joint.

This procedure provides a faster recovery as nearby healthy tissues of joint are not disturbed. It is also less traumatic in nature as compared to conventional joint replacement surgery.

Risks and Complications Associated with Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Risks and complications associated with computer-assisted joint replacement surgery are extremely less as compared to conventional joint replacement. They are described as follows.
Loosening of Joints – In rare cases, joints may get loose due to misalignment. Improper habits and carelessness during postoperative period can also lead to such condition.
Joint Functioning – Sometimes, even a minor mistake of orthopedic surgeon while performing surgery can adversely affect normal functioning of joint.

Recovery Following Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Patients will need to follow a balanced diet plan and a regular physiotherapy regimen following this procedure to heal faster. Orthopedic surgeons may provide certain medicines to minimize postoperative uneasiness or pain around joint. Normally, patients who have undergone this computer assisted surgery are able to get back to a normal routine within several days. Complete recovery will take just 5 to 6 weeks of time duration.

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