Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery In Hyderabad

In case of a coronary artery getting blocked it becomes necessary to make an alternative path for the blood to reach the heart, this is done through the cardio surgery known as a coronary artery bypass surgery. It is also known as the coronary artery bypass graft surgery (or CABG). In this the doctor will either remove a blood vessel, or reroute another blood vessel, which will bypass the blocked coronary artery and resume supply of blood to the heart muscles. This rerouting of the blood vessel is known as artery ‘grafting’. The doctor will choose a blood vessel, which seems suitable, from your arms, legs or chest for using as a graft. The surgeon decides the location of the graft artery depending upon the size of the coronary artery, extent of blockage and location of the blockage. The conventional form of coronary bypass surgery is known as an ‘on-pump’ surgery in which the surgeon will make an incision along the centre of your breastbone to gain direct access to the heart after connecting you to the heart-lung bypass machine which acts as a substitute to your heart and keeps the blood circulation moving while the surgeon performs the grafting procedure. Another method of coronary bypass surgery is the ‘off-pump’ bypass surgery. In this the surgeon will decide to stabilize (pause) a portion of your heart, while the rest of the heart functions normally, and does the required grafting procedure. The ‘off-pump’ method is being used more now as compared to the ‘on-pump’ coronary bypass surgery method. A more innovative and radical approach to coronary bypass surgery is known as the ‘minimally invasive heart bypass surgery’. In this new method of surgery the surgeon will require to make a significantly smaller incision (around 3 inches) near the heart. It also involves robotic-assistance in the minimally invasive surgery at times. Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed in various hospitals in Hyderabad. The CARE (Musheerabad) hospital is well-known to provide all-round service involving cardiothoracic bypass surgery. The MaxCure hospital has well-trained team of experienced cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionists and operating nursing staff who work with the assistance of the latest technology available in medical cardiothoracic surgery. STAR hospital in Hyderabad is also well-known for its expert cardiothoracic surgical team and their extensive expertise. We will help you find the most suitable hospital in Hyderabad that will cater to your specifications in the best and most efficient manner.
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