Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in Mumbai

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is very useful in making you look more attractive. It is also a good option to correct any deformity or breathing problem occurring due to a physical disorder of the nasal cavity. Hospitals in India that specialize in cosmetic rhinoplasty are numerous in numbers. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is basically used to treat skin cancer (melanoma) occurring on the skin of the nose, nasal trauma or an injury to the nose region, to correct congenital defects of the nasal area as well as to aesthetically improve the appearance of the nose. There are a large number of renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai who are well-versed in performing intricate cosmetic rhinoplasty. These cosmetic surgeons use the latest in medical technology surgical equipments and the most modern methods of plastic surgery principles to ensure the best treatment and results. Mymedical consultants are well-connected with a wide number of cosmetic clinics and hospitals that are globally renowned for their cosmetic expertise. Travcure consultants always offer a cost considerate & tailored treatment package in India as per your medical needs.

What is Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

A cosmetic rhinoplasty, more popularly known as a ‘nose job’, is plastic surgical procedure that is used for correcting and reconstructing the contour of the nose and also to restore its normal functioning. This surgery is useful to repair the damage caused by a blunt, blast or penetrating injury to the nose as well as repair a birth defect, along with treating certain respiratory disorders. It can also be referred to a secondary surgical procedure used to correct a previous failed surgical procedure performed on the nose. A cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed by an experienced otolaryngologist (an ENT specialist), a maxillofacial surgeon (neck, face and jaw specialist) or a cosmetic surgeon.

What is the purpose of a Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

A cosmetic rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is basically performed to:
  • Rectify a botched/failed previous rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Treat breathing problems caused by certain injuries or defects that affect the normal breathing ability in a person.
  • Repair a birth defect that affects the normal shape and size of the nose.
  • Reconstruct the natural shape of the nose so as to make it more attractive and appealing.

When do I need a Cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

The aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure is performed purely to enhance the shape and appeal of the nose to make it look more attractive. This is done to change and alter the contour of the nose to suit the requirement mentioned by the person undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty. The other reasons for undergoing a cosmetic rhinoplasty are:
  • Skin cancer – This is the more common reason for a cosmetic rhinoplasty after the aesthetic reason. This procedure is useful in reducing and treating the lesions and marks caused by melanoma and basal-cell carcinoma on the nose.
  • Nasal trauma – Nasal trauma cosmetic rhinoplasty refers to correcting the deformity caused by a blunt impact injury, piercing injury or blunt and penetrating injury that requires a surgical procedure of correction.
  • Birth defects – It refers to any type of congenital defect that results in a deformed, or mis-shaped nose or nasal cavity (including the skin, cartilage and bone).

How is a Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery performed?

A cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure is performed, either, by administering general anesthesia or a local anesthetic to numb the nasal region so as to avoid a painful experienced to the patient. Normally a plastic surgeon will separate the nose skin by an incision and push the soft tissues away from the cartilaginous frame structure that comprises the nose. He will then perform the required corrective procedure (often using an Autologous bone graft or cartilage graft from the rib or ear) to change the shape of the nose. The surgeon may also use an artificial implant graft if the procedure so requires. After the necessary alteration is complete the surgeon will apply stitches to close the incision and place an external supporting stent or tape to immobilize the nose. This helps the nose to heal and acquire the given shape better.

Where to get Cosmetic Rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai?

There are a number of renowned cosmetic clinics and hospitals in Mumbai that are known to perform word-class cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures. These are the top hospitals and cosmetic clinics that specialize in cosmetic rhinoplasty:
  • Make a Change Cosmetic Clinic ( Mumbai)
  • Currae Specialty Hospital ( Navi Mumbai)
  • Breach Candy Hospital ( Mumbai)
These, and many other, cosmetic rhinoplasty clinics and hospitals are available in Mumbai where you can be assured to get the best treatment and results. These cosmetic clinics and hospitals are well-reputed with vastly experienced doctors and support staff that is assisted by the latest in surgical technology to endure complication-free cosmetic and plastic surgery. Moreover the low cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty in Mumbai is an added bonus that lets you become more attractive without being a burden on the pocket.
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