Cost of Bariatric Surgery

Cost of bariatric surgery is different for different persons depending upon the requirements of different individuals. Moreover, the medical history of the patient & the insurance coverage may also impact upon the cost of undergoing bariatric surgery. Additionally, each type of bariatric surgery procedure will have differing costs. Like the costs of gastric bypass surgery & lap band surgery would differ due to differing lengths of surgery & materials which are required for the procedure. Then again, cost of a particular bariatric surgery procedure will differ from one hospital to another depending upon the training & experience of the bariatric surgeon. Again, there is a lot which will eventually depend upon the hospital facility where the patient would finally decide to undergo his bariatric surgery procedure.

Bariatric Surgery Cost

Where to Undergo Bariatric Surgery

Apart from choosing the right bariatric surgeon & the hospital facility, the patient needs to understand several things concerning the weight loss surgery procedure. He will have to learn about different procedures & to determine which procedure is best & most suitable for him/her. Consulting a gastroenterologist is also important. With the advent of medical tourism opportunities across the globe, choosing an ideal destination which can provide good quality of surgical intervention at affordable costs bears a lot of significance for the patient. For this reason, it would be beneficial for the patient to contact a medical tourism company who can smoothly guide them through the entire procedure of choosing the right procedure, the right bariatric surgeon & the right hospital for weight loss surgery.

Long Term Cost of Obesity

Cost of bariatric surgery in fact pales in comparison with long term monetary & emotional costs of obesity. Imagine missing out on opportunities, family events & daily tasks, all because of obesity related health problems. Bariatric surgery can effectively relieve these emotional costs as well. Here are a few reasons as to why bariatric surgery can decrease these costs in everyday living.

  • Financial Costs

    Financial costs of undergoing bariatric surgery is gradually decreasing by the day. For many people, cost of undergoing gastric sleeve surgery & gastric bypass is also being covered by insurance policies. Cost of lap band surgery is also covered by insurance. Insurance specialists can help weight loss surgery patients go through the process of finding the best savings associated with bariatric surgery.

  • Reduced Chronic Diseases

    Chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes which is closely associated with obesity are quite expensive to manage. However, weight loss surgery can effectively resolve Type 2 diabetes in morbidly obese patients. Dealing with such health conditions often prevents individuals from full participation in activities & leaves them with a reduced quality of life. These types of serious health problems along with risk of death from complications arising of diabetes significantly decline after undergoing bariatric surgery. In fact, insulin levels are often found to return to normal within a few day following weight loss surgery.

  • Prescription Costs

    Many patients leave hospital free of some medications which they were taking prior to undergoing bariatric surgery. More particularly, insulin & blood pressure medications. However, in the long run several patients no longer need a large number of medications they were taking prior to weight loss surgery.

  • Short Recovery Time

    Time required for recovery for patients undergoing modern laparoscopic bariatric surgeries is much shorter than normally expected. Majority of patients can leave the hospital within a few days of surgery. Alongside this short time required for recovery, patients are able to return to everyday life at a much quicker rate.

  • Dieting Costs

    Generally, most patients come to bariatric surgeons following years of attempting to lose excessive weight through other means. They might have tried fad diets or expensive custom food plans, cost of trying out one method after another for losing weight involves significant financial investment which turns frustrating due to lack of any positive results. Studies reveal that several obese individuals are still unable to reach & maintain healthy weight without undergoing weight loss surgery. Although the cost of gastric bypass surgery or the lap-band surgery may initially seem to be more expensive than dieting plans, in the long term however, savings of not needing to move from one diet plan to another can make a big difference in the patient’s finances.

  • Practical Costs

    Several patients talk about the impact of obesity on daily lives. Activities like shopping for clothes would result in expensive bills or even embarrassment in shopping for plus-sized clothes. Obese patients usually describe this frustration of requiring seatbelt extenders or of flying in first class so as to fit in seats during travel. Many other patients even find themselves limiting travel due to obesity. Many of these patients find new freedom in performing activities, ranging from newer ease in finding clothing in stores & their ability to even go to amusement parks with children.

Bariatric Surgery is a Global Epidemic

Experts agree that obesity has become a global epidemic. Moreover, doctors & healthcare professionals agree that obesity is not a condition but a disease which causes several serious illnesses. Although it is established fact that bariatric surgery can help patients lose significant amounts of weight, however affording weight loss surgeries is not that easy. Spending on bariatric surgery in countries like Australia, UK, Canada, & United States could cost a fortune. Thanks to the medical tourism industry, obese people around the world can now avail bariatric surgery at affordable prices outside their home country. This is why India is the most sought destination for people across the globe when it comes to offering good quality bariatric surgery at affordable costs. Needless to say, bariatric surgeons in India are among the most highly skilled & experienced in the world. Healthcare infrastructure in the country features state-of-the-art hospitals which are NABH & JCI accredited & are well equipped with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, cost of bariatric surgery in India is surprisingly lesser than a patient would have to pay for weight loss surgery in any western country.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in India

Cost of bariatric surgery in India is just a fraction of what a patient would have to pay for similar procedures in the USA. Average cost of gastric bypass in the United States is about $25,000, whereas the same procedure would cost only about $7,000 in India, accounting for less than a third of what it costs in USA.

Factors Affecting Bariatric Surgery in India

  • Type of Obesity Surgery – Cost of bariatric surgery in India depends upon the type of bariatric surgery which the patient is looking forward to. Most common weight loss procedures performed in the country are Intra-Gastric Ballooning, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass Surgery & Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery, including the laparoscopic versions.
  • Experience of Bariatric Surgeon – It is quite evident that bariatric surgery the world over, including India varies with the skill & experience of the bariatric surgeon performing the operation. A board certified & well experienced bariatric surgeon would take more fee than a lesser experienced bariatric surgeon.
  • Hospital Facility – Choice of hospital where the patient would like to undergo bariatric surgery & the geographical location of the facility will also further affect the cost of bariatric surgery in India.

Other factors which could affect the cost of bariatric surgery in India include preference of the city where the patient chooses to undergo the procedure, follow-up visits & errands required by the international patient during his/her stay. However, even when all these costs were put together, cost of availing any type of bariatric surgery in India is much lesser than it is in other medical tourism destinations across the world.

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