Cynthia Clark: Cosmetic Surgery In Goa, India

Hello I am Cynthia Clark from USA. I have been very self-conscious about the sagging skin on my face and neck. I wanted to undergo a cosmetic surgery to get rid of the sagging skin from my neck, face and eyelid so I decided to undergo Neck lift, Facelift & Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Surgery. Cosmetic surgeries in USA are very much expensive I was searching for something more reasonable. As a result, of my research on the internet I found out that India has the best success rate for cosmetic surgery. Next I was looking for a medical tourism company in India. While going through many medical tourism companies, website I came across Travcure medical tourism company. While going through Travcure medical tourism company’s website, Isaw the wide range of services offered by the company. I immediately send an enquiry to them. Consultants at Travcure responded quickly to my enquiry. The consultants also provided me with all the details about my surgery and asked me to send my pictures from different angles and medical reports to them so that they can send it further to the cosmetic surgeons for a professional opinion. Travcure suggested me with a few options of cosmetic surgeons, healthcare facilities and different cities in India. From these options, I chose Dr. Rashmin Roy from NUSI Wockhardt hospital in Goa. As I landed in India for my surgery Travcure assisted me with my every need from airport pickup to hotel, accommodation, food, fixing an appointment with the doctor, follow up with the doctors everything was taken care by Travcure. Dr. Rashmin Roy helped me understand the entire surgery and risks involved in the surgery. All other doctors & staff at the hospital were very helpful and attended all my needs. I am very happy with the services provided by Travcure. Dr. Rashmin Roy provided me with the exact result I was expecting after my surgery which boosted my confidence to another level. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. Thanks to Travcure medical tourism company for providing me with the world-class treatments at the most reasonable prices. Thanks Travcure Cynthia Clark USA
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