What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery System?

The ‘da Vinci’ robotic surgery system is one of the latest medical interventions. This system enables a doctor to carry out complex surgical procedures with a high degree of precision. This system comprises small instruments interlinked with a 3-D vision system. These instruments can bend, rotate, or turn just like a human hand. Surgeons can view patient’s internal body structure on a monitoring screen with the help of 3D vision inbuilt technology and operate them by guiding the instruments virtually.

da vinci robotic surgery system

Major Areas of Application of da Vinci Robotic Surgery System

The da Vinci system can perform a large range of minimally invasive surgeries. It can be efficiently utilized to perform some major surgeries including cardiac surgery, colorectal surgery, prostate surgery, head and neck surgery, thoracic surgery, and urologic surgery. Patients should consult an experienced and well-trained surgeon to figure out their eligibility for undergoing these robot-assisted procedures.

Advantages of Undergoing a Robot-Assisted Surgery

The following points describe some key advantages of undergoing a robot-assisted surgery.
● Minimal Pain – As robotic surgeries are minimally invasive in nature, they do not cause significant pain. Therefore, patients need not worry about pain and uneasiness following such robot-assisted surgery.
● Smaller Incisions and Less Blood Loss – Unlike traditional surgeries, robot-assisted surgeries are performed with the help of small incisions. It clearly indicates that blood loss during such procedures will be extremely less.
● Shorter Hospitalization – Post-surgical complications associated with da Vinci surgical system are extremely less. Therefore, patients do not require staying in health care center for too long.

Choosing a highly qualified doctor who has immense knowledge of operating da Vinci robotic surgery system will increase your chances of getting best beneficial outcomes following robotic surgery.

Where Can You Get Best da Vinci Robot-Assisted Surgery?

India is one of the best medical tourism destinations across the world. This country offers various medical treatments and surgeries including robot assisted-surgery within normal price range. As a matter of fact, da Vinci robotic surgery cost in India is one-third of the amount which countries like United States ordinarily demands from international patients. To be honest, majority of Indian doctors follow international protocols to ensure patient’s safety during any kind of robot-assisted surgery. If you are looking for a cost-effective as well as high-quality surgery, then you may consider undergoing robot-assisted surgery in India.

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