Affordable Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Deep brain stimulation which involves implanting electrodes within certain areas of the brain has gained importance as a treatment for a number of neurological movement disorder conditions over the last few years. These implanted electrodes are meant to produce electrical impulses which regulate any abnormal impulses within the brain. Moreover, these electrical impulses can also affect the discharge of chemicals and work of certain cells within the brain. However, the amount of deep brain stimulation which is to be provided as a treatment to the patient is controlled by a pacemaker-like device which is connected to the electrodes and placed under the skin of the patient as part of neurosurgery.

Neurosurgery Conditions Which Can Be Treated with Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation is nowadays utilized to treat a number of neurological disorders including essential tremors, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, dystonia, Tourette syndrome, chronic pain and obsessive compulsive disorder. Moreover, deep brain stimulation may also soon be available as a treatment for cases of addiction, dementia, stroke recovery and major depression. Other movement disorders producing a variety of disabling neurological symptoms like stiffness, rigidity, tremor, slowed movement and walking problems can also be corrected with deep brain stimulation. The best part of this treatment is that deep brain stimulation does not damage healthy brain tissue or destroy nerve cells, but merely blocks targeted electrical signals emitting from certain areas within the brain.

How Does Deep Brain Stimulation Work

Deep brain stimulation as of now is utilized for people whose symptoms are unable to be adequately controlled with medications. Deep brain stimulation involves neurosurgery for implanting electrodes and placing a battery-operated pacemaker-like device known as a neurostimulator under the skin of the patient. The neurostimulator will deliver electrical stimulation to the targeted area of the brain where the electrodes are placed. This is done in order to block abnormal nerve signals and control movement in Parkinson’s disease patients. Before performing the deep brain stimulation neurosurgery procedure, doctors typically utilize MRI imaging or CT scans so as to identify and locate the exact target area within the brain which generate electrical nerve signals causing Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Most often, these target areas are located in the thalamus, sub thalamic nucleus or within the region of globus pallidus.

Good Candidates for Deep Brain Stimulation

Good candidates for deep brain stimulation should have had Parkinson’s disease symptoms for at least 5 years without on/off fluctuations and with or without dyskinesia. They should also continue to have a good response to medications, though the duration of response may be insufficient. These Parkinson’s disease patients should have also tried combinations of medications which are available along with dopamine agonists under the supervision of a specialist neurologist without any benefits. Ideal Parkinson’s disease candidates for deep brain stimulation should still be having symptoms which interfere with normal daily activities even after having tried the above medical treatments.

Affordable Neurosurgery in India for Parkinson’s disease Patients

Neurosurgery in India is at par with the best that is available in the developed Western countries. Neurosurgeons in India are globally recognized as some of the best and are adept at performing the most complex neurosurgery procedures, including deep brain stimulation for movement disorders. Apart from this, neurosurgery cost in India is affordable and therefore within the reach of common citizens who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare in other countries. People seeking good quality of affordable medical procedures in foreign countries can sensibly benefit from low neuro surgery cost in India without compromising on the quality of treatment.

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