Detoxification Procedure - What to Know?


Detoxification is basically the removal of toxic substances from the human body using medicinal and physiological means. It is usually achieved by treating the liver which controls the distribution of chemicals in the body which may also contain toxins. This procedure may use different techniques and methods such as the use of antidotes or decontamination techniques for purification of the body. Detoxification mainly deals with cleaning the body of the toxins that develop in the body, or enter it from outside, when a person has an addiction to certain narcotic, opiate or medicinal substances. This term is used to describe the period withdrawal from the use of addictive substances. This may include detoxification from addiction to alcohol, drugs, narcotics, etc.

Types of Detoxification

There are various types of detoxifications, such as:
  • Alcohol Detoxification – This is the most commonly performed detoxification procedure worldwide. This procedure aims to restore a heavy alcohol drinker’s system back to normal after having being abused with continuous consumption of alcohol for a prolonged period of time. A de-addiction attempt without appropriate medical supervision and guidance can result in severe health complications and can also be fatal. This is not a treatment for alcoholism but rather a cleansing process after the person has been de-addicted from alcohol abuse.
  • Drug Detoxification – This procedure is useful in guiding an ex-drug addict person’s system back to normalcy after a prolonged period of drug abuse. This is not a treatment for drug addiction but is a first step in a long-term process for treatment. This procedure may involve the use of medicinal drugs or it can be a drug-free process.
  • Alternative Medicine – Some methods in alternative medicines can be helpful in removing the toxins from the body through the use of herbal, electrical or electromagnetic treatment methods.
  • Medical Detoxification – This is a medically-supervised drug de-addiction procedure mostly performed over a period of a few months in a separate and sterile facility. This is advisable for people who have been heavily addicted to narcotic substances and are at risk of facing severe withdrawal symptoms after halting the use of the narcotic substances.
  • Rapid Detoxification – This procedure is performed under complete anesthesia to the patient. The patient is administered intravenous injections of opiate blockers which are helpful in halting the action of the narcotics and opiate drugs. This procedure also helps control any severe withdrawal symptoms using medicinal drugs.
Detoxification procedure can be used to treat severe withdrawal symptoms caused after stopping drug abuse that has been continuing from a long period of time as well as help clean the body from other type of toxins that may lead to other medical disorders or diseases from developing in the future in the body. Detoxification in one of the most widely performed medical procedure in the world.
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