Achilles Tendon Rupture (Tear): Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Achilles tendon rupture Achilles tendon is a fibrous cord that connects the heel bone to the calf muscles. Achilles tendon rupture, or tear, occurs when this tendon is over-stretched and gets partially or completely torn. Signs & Symptoms of Achilles Tendon Rupture (Tear): Most common symptoms of Achilles tendon rupture include:
  • Severe pain and swelling near the heel
  • Front of the foot does not bend forward
  • Standing on toes becomes painful
  • Injury often accompanied by a popping sound in the heel

What Happens In Achilles Tendon Injury ?

  • In case of Tendinitis, the pain is mild but worsens with time.
  • In case of tendon rupture, the pain felt is quick and intense.
  • Tendon rupture often follows after a snapping sound at the moment of injury.
  • Flexibility of the foot gets affected.
  • Painful swelling in the heel.

Treatment Options for Achilles Tendon Rupture (Tear)?

There are various options for treatment of Achilles tendon rupture or tear. The type of treatment depends upon several factors such as age and severity of the rupture. The types of treatments are:
  • Non-Surgical Treatment – This method of treatment requires wearing a cast that is helpful in keeping the foot in a comfortable position to let the injured Achilles tendon heal.
  • Surgical – The surgical method requires a small incision over the injured tendon and stitching the two damaged ends together. At times the injured tendon is supported by the surrounding healthy tendons.
After the surgical treatment, a few weeks of physical therapy is recommended by doctors to ensure that the ruptured tendon gets strengthened. Treating Achilles Tendon Rupture (Tear) In India: Achilles tendon rupture requires extensive physical therapy that should be best suited according to the severity of the injury. The surgical procedure coupled with extended physical therapy can be a financial burden at times. India offers a vast network of renowned healthcare clinics that specialize in treating achilles tendon rupture or tear injury in a cost effective manner. The charges for treating Achilles tendon rupture in India are less as compared to other countries. The international standard hospitals and clinics provide the best medical and rehabilitation services.
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