An Arthroplasty is a type of orthopedic surgical procedure which requires the surgeon to replace or reshape, any of the major joints in the body. This procedure aims to remodel, reshape or realign the components of a joint in the body in order to relieve pain as well as to restore the lost movement in the joint due to an injury or a severe bone disorder such as arthritis.

How does Arthroplasty work?

An Arthroplasty surgical procedure is one of the alternate surgical treatments for relieving pain as well as restoring function and movement in a damaged joint. The procedure for Arthroplasty requires the surgeon to replace, reshape or realign the damaged/injured components of the joint using various methods to help restore strength and function to the damaged joint.

Arthroplasty procedures

An Arthroplasty surgical procedure is an orthopedic surgical treatment method for a dysfunctional joint in the body. The aim of the Arthroplasty surgery is to restore function to a stiffened synovial joint and also to relieve pain in it. This procedure is usually advised by the orthopedic specialist/surgeon after other alternate non-surgical treatment methods have been unsuccessful. There are mainly two types of Arthroplasty procedures: Joint Resection – This method of Arthroplasty requires the surgeon to remove a portion of the bone from the damaged joint and thus increase the space between the joint and the socket. This helps to improve the range of motion in the joint. This gap is eventually filled with scar tissue and the joint space gets narrowed again. This procedure helps to relieve the pain in the joint significantly. Inter-positional Reconstruction – This surgery method requires the surgeon to remold the joint and insert an artificial prosthetic disc, made of plastic, ceramic or metal, or a natural substitute made from body tissues such as fascia or muscles between the component bones of a joint.

Who is a candidate for an Arthroplasty surgery?

An ideal candidate for a major orthopedic surgical procedure such as an Arthroplasty should be overall healthy and younger than 60 years of age. This surgery is considered to be an ideal treatment for you if you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria and are suffering from:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • CGH (congenital dislocation of the hip)
  • Shallow hip socket (acetabular dysplasia)
  • Loose/Frozen Shoulder
  • Malignant/traumatized joint
  • Stiff joints

Benefits of Arthroplasty in India

India is home to a large network of orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics that are spread over all its major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc. These hospitals and clinics are equipped with the best and most advanced medical and surgical equipment. India has a vast talent pool of well-experienced orthopedic specialists who can ensure that your Arthroplasty surgery is performed in the best and most efficient manner. The main benefits of an Arthroplasty in India are the modern treatments available at the most affordable cost.

Complications associated with Arthroplasty

As with any other major surgical procedure, the Arthroplasty surgery also carries a certain amount of risk for complications to arise in rare cases. These are the rarely encountered complications that may arise in few cases after an Arthroplasty surgery:
  • Infections
  • Bleeding
  • Prosthetic breakage
  • Prosthetic loosening
  • Prosthetic wear and tear
  • Prosthetic failure

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