Bow Leg Correction Surgery

A bow leg surgery (osteotomy) is one of the cosmetic surgery types that aim to correct the bent leg bones in a person. This surgical procedure involves removing, or sometimes adding, a piece of bone from the damaged joint in order to shift the weight from the injured/damaged portion to the healthier and normal portion of the joint.

How Bow Leg surgery works?

Genu varum causes the leg bones (femur and tibia/fibula) to become deformed and hinder normal walking and gait of the person. The Osteotomy surgical procedure involves cutting and removing, or adding, a wedge-shaped bone piece near a damaged joint. This helps the body to shift a major part of the weight from the damaged portion to the part where there is healthier cartilage.

Bow Leg surgery procedures

A bow leg surgery is a completely cosmetic orthopedic surgical procedure that aims to correct the deformity of the joints in the legs to restore their normal appearance and functioning.

A bow leg correction surgery is performed on both the legs simultaneously and consists of three main stages:


The surgical operation is performed on one leg first and then on the other leg. The first step involves fixing a special orthopedic device on the leg below the knee. The device consists of thin but strong medical-grade metal pins that are inserted inside the leg and connected with the upper and lower portion of the shin. This acts as an external support and manipulating system for the leg bones.

The surgeon will then perform an osteotomy procedure that involves dissecting the leg bone with the help of a special surgical tool called the ‘orthopedic chisel’. This stage of the surgery ends with the surgeon applying cosmetic sutures to close the incision sites of the metal pins in the shin bone.


This stage involves steady correction of the shape of the legs that lasts for a few days. Normally, significant correctional change can be seen within 5-7 days after the operation. The more sever the bend in the legs, the longer it takes for the correction to occur.

This correction method is the most successful and precise procedure that allows gradual correction and improvement up to a tenth of a degree. The orthopedic specialist/surgeon will determine the amount of correction suitable for you.


The longest stage of all, this phase involves holding the corrected bones in place with artificial devices until the bones are completely joined together. This process usually takes around a month. Patients are comfortable enough in this stage to walk around without crutches.

Who is a candidate for a Bow Leg surgery?

An ideal candidate for a bow leg correctional surgery is assumed to be of sound overall health, not suffering from any major degenerative bone diseases and is less than 60 years of age for best results.

Benefits of Bow Leg surgery in India

India has a vast network of top-of-the-line orthopedic specialty hospitals and clinics that are equipped with the most modern and latest surgical equipments available. These hospitals and clinics aim to provide global-standard quality in treatment and healthcare to all their patients. The orthopedic specialists in India are extensively-trained to manage all types of bow leg surgery cases efficiently.

Complications associated with Bow Leg surgery

As is seen in any type of major surgical procedures the bow leg surgery also carries the risk of certain rarely seen complications that may arise in very few cases, these are:

  • Infection
  • Blood clot
  • Bleeding
  • Pain at operation site
  • Discomfort due to support frame

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