Frenuloplasty Surgery



A frenuloplasty is a surgical treatment method for releasing an abnormally short, or sensitive, frenulum. This type of shortened frenulum makes certain types of sexual activity painful and uncomfortable. This condition is mostly seen to be a complication due to an incorrect circumcision procedure and is rarely seen as a result of natural causes.

The aim of a frenuloplasty is to allow the foreskin of the penis to retract normally during erection. Circumcision is often listed as a treatment method for a naturally shortened frenulum (frenulum breve) but can also lead to an abnormally sensitive frenulum.

The frenulum is a joining ridge between the shaft and the head of the penis and can be seen as a small sheet of skin under the glans (head) of the penis joining it to the foreskin. In case the frenulum is abnormally short while the penis is erect it may cause pain by restricting the complete sliding out of the foreskin. Sexual activities in this condition may cause the frenulum to tear and cause bleeding from the penis. Immediate surgical help is advised in such event.

The procedure for a frenuloplasty involves administering local anesthetic to the genital area to numb it and prevent any discomfort to the patient during the surgical procedure. The surgeon will require to remove the frenulum, or to create an incision in the frenulum that can then be stretched to lengthen it and then stitched close. The incision be either Z-shaped, Y-shaped or a single horizontal cut.

Once the incision wound is healed the procedure results in noticeable elongation of the frenulum which allows it to function normally then onwards. Generally, the incision wounds heal within 3-4 weeks and the patient can resume sexual activities in a normal manner.

Other treatment methods include making horizontal stitches in the frenulum which, after a few weeks, begin to cut through the skin and elongate it. This is a comparatively more uncomfortable procedure but has faster recovery time.

Another reason for a frenuloplasty is to correct a rarely seen condition of the frenulum breve which can be seen as scars on the frenulum. These scars can result in painful and difficult sexual activities. Thus, a frenuloplasty can help increase the length of the frenulum and help relieve the painful symptoms.

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