Do you know these innovative and advanced Liposuction Alternatives?

Liposuction Alternatives – An Overview

Liposuction alternatives are terms that describe a number of mostly non-surgical techniques used for body-contouring. These are highly-efficient and advanced alternate options for a person who does not wish to undergo a liposuction procedure or cannot undergo a liposuction procedure for any reason.

Liposuction involves making small incisions in the targeted area and inserting a small and thin blunt-tipped suction tube (cannula) inside the incision to remove the small amounts of fat deposits from it using vacuum suction. This is a highly invasive surgical procedure as compared to other liposuction alternatives.

How do they work?

Most of these liposuction alternatives are known by their brand names and mainly use externally applied radio-frequency, laser light or ultrasound methods to target the small and stubborn fat deposits in the body.

These techniques use various methods to mainly soften (liquefy) the underlying fat deposits without penetrating the skin. These methods rely on the body’s natural metabolism to get rid of the dislodged fat deposits in the natural way (apoptosis).

What are the top Liposuction Alternatives?

Although there are numerous liposuction alternatives, these are the top 5 of the liposuction alternatives based on their success rate, efficiency and popularity:

Laser Liposuction – Also known as MELT, this procedure us useful for removing those small fat deposits in the body’s trouble-areas from where the other alternatives (dieting, exercising, etc) have been unsuccessful in removing them. This is considered to be one of the safest non-surgical fat removal techniques.

This technique involves using a beam of focused cold laser light to penetrate under the skin through conduction and create heat among the fat cells. This makes the fat cells to release their lipids (fatty component) from inside the cell wall which is converted into energy by the body naturally.

This is a relatively safer procedure and does not result in any form of side-effect or complications. This is a safe, efficient and painless fat removal (liposuction) alternative treatment method.

It is inadvisable for people with certain long-term medical conditions.

Liposonix Ultrasound – This procedure uses a single technique for treatment. It involves using a beam of high-intensity ultrasound waves to target the stubborn fat deposits underneath the skin directly. The sound waves focused on the fat cells results in them getting dislodged and destroyed.

These fat cells then travel to the liver and are metabolized in the natural manner so the need for extraction is not there.  This process is ideally considered for treating fat in the hips, abdomen, thighs and the waist.

This liposuction alternative is advised for light body-contouring and is not used for assisted weight loss or for obese persons.

CoolSculpting – This is a significantly new liposuction alternative. In this the fat cells are frozen by removing the heat from between them gradually. These frozen cells die and are metabolized by the body naturally.

This treatment is performed usually in multiple sessions to achieve optimum results. It is a virtually painless technique that only numbs the treated area for sometime after the procedure. It is more advantageous as it does not cause collateral damage to the surrounding healthy tissues near the targeted fat deposits. It has no recovery time and gives permanent results.

Endermologie – This is a patented liposuction alternative and involves combining Lift and Roll techniques together. This procedure not only removes fat deposits it also works to improve the tone and texture of the skin as well.

This technique stimulates the body’s natural lipolysis process to remove the fat and increases the blood flow in the area to improve the quality of the skin. This is a highly-effective liposuction alternative and provides efficient non-surgical option for removing fat and contouring the body into a more attractive shape.

This is a comparatively longer process and may require as many as 28 sittings (once a week each) to achieve maximum results and the results are seen after quite a long time.

Mesotherapy – This is a comparatively least painful non-surgical liposuction alternative available today. This procedure requires injecting certain chemicals directly into the fat cells using long and thin needles. These chemicals are designed to destroy the fat cells. This helps to burn the stubborn fat as well as removing the wrinkled and saggy appearance of the skin. This treatment can be used in those areas of the body where excessive wrinkling can be found.

This liposuction alternative requires around 15 treatment sessions to reflect visible improvement in the body.

Pregnant women and people with long-term medical disorders are not recommended for this liposuction alternative.

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