Dr. Mehvish Masalawala

B.D.S. (Cosmetic Dental Surgeon) Smiles Forever Dental Clinic

Licenses:       B.D.S. (Bachelor of Dental Surgeory from Mumbai. Registration No: 16996.

Professional Summary:

Ambitious qualified Dentist excellent organizational & interpersonal skills. Enthusiastic about dental health & enjoy educating patients about personal dental care Hygiene & preventive techniques. Superb exceptional patient care. Education
  1. Completed B.D.S. in year 2008.
  2. Attended CPCR work shop at LokmanyaTilakmunicipal College & hospital on 28th August 2008.
  3. Participated in noble Bio care World Tour Conference held in Mumbai April4-6 2008.
  4. Attended Terna Dental Continuing Education program in Clinical Endodontic on 28thMarch 2009.
  5. Attended Terna dental Continuing Education Programme in Aesthetic & Restorative dentistry on 17th May 2009.
  6. Attended Clinical Photography on 19th may 2009 at Canon Image lounge, Mumbai.
  7. Dentistry , Endodontic & post Endodontic Restoration& Predictable fixed prosthodontics by Famdent show from 2-4th Oct 2009
  8. Attended Course on Pediatric Dentistry at Nair Dental College & Hospital 7th March 2009.
9.NEW York University College of Dentistry from June 8th -14th 2009.
  1. Worked with two dentist for a year as an associate dentist.
Professional Duties:
  • Providing professional dental service & care to patients.
  • Examining patient’s teeth & diagnosing their dental conditions & treating them.
  • Dealing emergency cases like releaving patients pain
  • Dealing c checkups, doing root canals, extractions, cutting & impression for crowns, bridges, veneer, laminates.
  • Filling cavities, examine X rays, straightening & repairing fracturedteeth .
  • Performing corrective surgery to extract teeth & replace nursing teeth.
  • Managing the training & development of staff.
  • Diagnosing & treating conditions such as decayed of teeth & gum disease.
  • Reassuring anxious patients & clearly explaining procedures to them.
Communication Skills & Personal Details
  • Well presented & articulate
  • Experience of advising patients on diet, brushing & other aspects of dental care.
  • Keeping up to date c the latest developments in dentistry.
  • Excellent listening, communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Able to write prescriptions for antibiotics & other dental medications

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