Dr. T. Raja

Oncologist In Chennai

Dr. T. Raja is one of the most popular Oncologist in India, currently working as a Senior consultant medical oncologist- Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai. He has a vast experience in treating various cancers specializing in pediatric oncology. He has been treating various cancer patients since last 20 years and have offered successful treatments. He was selected as one of the national trainers in the First SIOP workshop for trainers in Pediatric Oncology, held at Bombay, in Mar. 1997. He was also invited as a young investigator in Young Investigators Meeting, 2000, Indianapolis, USA and Global Lilly Young Investigators Meet (GLYIM). Education: MBBS, MD, DM Specializations: Pediatric oncology, Bone marrow transplantations unit, Cord blood transplant, Stem cell therapy Research and Publications:
  • 5 International conferences and 5 National Conferences Recognition and Management of childhood acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Peripheral Hospitals
  • Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics, Vol. 5 No 4 Oct-Dec 1997: 323
  • Amifostine, For Drug Review Ind. J MED & PED Oncol 1995, Vol.16:68-69
  • Chemotherapy of Gastrointestinal Malignancies Ind J MED & PED Oncol 1995, Vol. 16: 93-98
  • Priapism in a child with Pelvic Rhabdomyosarcoma, A case report and review of Literature Ind J MED & PED Oncol 1995, Vol 16: 188-191

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