Dr. Venkatesh Munikrishnan

Dr. Venkatesh Munikrishnan, Colorectal Surgeon, Apollo Hospital Chennai.


  • MBBS,
  • MRCS
  • FRCS

Work Experience:

  • 25 Years of experience,  English,Tamil
  • Mar 10 –  Nov 12:    Consultant Colorectal Surgeon & Director at  Chennai Colorectal Clinic, Chennai
  • Working in Apollo Hospitals since last assignment.
Rewards & Recognition:
  • The Royal Society of Medicine Traveling Fellowship 2002 RSM Section Of Coloproctology, Overseas Meeting, Toulouse, France, 2002.
  • Awarded grant by Bracco, Milan, Italy to fund research project on CT Colonography – December 2000
  • Distinction in ENT Surgery in the Undergraduate Pre-final University Examinations – December 1993
Research and Publications:
  • The Effect of Patient Controlled Analgesia on Inpatient Stay following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy S. Sinha, V. Munikrishnan, J Montgomery, S. Mitchell Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2007; 89: 374-378
  • Management of Acute Diverticulitis in the East Anglian Region: Results of a U.K. Regional Survey Munikrishnan V, Helmy A, ElKhider H, Omer AA Dis Colon Rectum. 2006 Sep;49(9):1332-40
  • Late Complications of an ileal pouch Munikrishnan V, Ryley N, Teague R, Pullan RD Gut. 2005 Oct;54(11):1514 -1526
  • Prospective Study comparing Multislice CT Colonography With Colonoscopy in The Detection of Colorectal Cancer and Polyps. Munikrishnan V, Gillams AR, Lees WR, Vaizey CJ, Boulos PB Dis Colon Rectum. 2003 Oct; 46(10): 1384-90 The Small Bowel Wrap – An Effective Way of Packing Small Bowel in the Surgical Field.
  • Munikrishnan V, Keeling NJ Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2002 Mar; 84(2):139-40 Cardiac rupture: an unusual cause of sudden death secondary to bladder transitional cell carcinoma. Munikrishnan, V., Waine, D.J., Kennedy, C. & Al-Rufaie, H. BJU International 2000 86 (9), 1093 Primary amyloidosis of the ureter Munikrishnan, V., Kennedy, C. & Al–Rufiae, H. BJU International 2000 85 (6), 776
Certifications & Professional Memberships:
  • The Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Chennai, India The General Medical Council, London, UK
  • Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain
  • Ireland Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

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