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Earlobe Repair Surgery – Overview

An earlobe repair surgery is mostly required to treat a split earlobe resulting from an injury or continuous weight on them due to heavy ear rings. This is one of the most common cosmetic procedures and helps repair any damage to the earlobe. There are various techniques and methods used for an earlobe repair surgery and the best suited for you will be advised to you by your doctor/cosmetic surgeon. There are mainly three types of tears to the earlobe:
  • Existing split
  • Partial split
  • Total split 

Earlobe Repair surgery procedure

There are various methods and techniques used in an earlobe repair surgery and the type of surgery best-suited for you mainly depends on the type of earlobe tear that you have as well as the method required for reconstruction. These are the commonly performed earlobe repair surgeries:
  • Earlobe repair with partial cleft – This earlobe repair surgery is usually performed with the efficient punch technique in case the cleft is smaller than 4 mm. The punch, which is 1 mm larger than the cleft, is placed perpendicular to the lobe. This is used to remove the skin of the cleft from the front to the back along its length.
  • Earlobe repair with total cleft – This is a slightly more complicated procedure as the lower margin of the earlobe is not recoverable. This surgery might, or might not, retain the original orifice.
  • Earlobe reduction – A large earlobe can be a result of a hereditary condition as well as aging. This is one of the more common cosmetic ear surgeries. The surgeon will simply remove a ‘wedge’ from the enlarged earlobe and then join the split parts together using fine dissolvable sutures.

Complications of Earlobe Repair Surgery

There are very rare complications that may occur in rare cases. These usually involve:
  • Pointed lobe
  • Stepped lobe
  • Unfavorable scarring
These complications require simple reconstructive procedure for correction.

Earlobe Repair Surgery: Before and After

You will usually require to wait at least 8 weeks before going to pierce your earlobe again as it is important to avoid recurrent damage. Small studs are advised after an earlobe repair surgery and heavy ear rings and accessories should be avoided as well.

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