Efficient and Effective Cochlear Implant in India

Cochlear Implant – An Overview

A cochlear implant device is mainly consisting of several external and internal parts that allow it to transmit outside noise into the auditory nerve system.

Cochlear Implant Device

The device is composed of microphoneOne, or multiple, microphones on the outer shell receive the sounds from the environment, a speech processor This component acts by filtering background noise from audible speech and then transmits the audible speech into electrical signals that are then sent to transmitter through a thin cable, transmitter This is a magnetic coil-assisted part of the device and is situated behind the external part of the ear which uses electromagnetic induction to send the sound signal through the skin and into the internal receiver, receiver and simulator This is attached to a bone inside the ear (percutaneous) and converts the sound signals received from the transmitter into the array of electrodes by converting them into electrical impulses, electrode array This consists of around 22 electrodes which are arranged in the cochlea of the ear and send the electric impulses to the nerves and then on to the brain through the auditory nerve system.

Cochlear Implant procedure

The cochlear implant device is surgically implanted using either general, or local, anesthesia. The surgery requires clearing a small area of the scalp behind the ear by shaving the hair. An incision is made in that region and then a hole is made in the mastoid bone behind the ear. This hole is used to fit the external part (simulator/receiver) of the device while the electrode array is fixed inside the cochlea (inner ear).

The implant is activated after a period of about 1-4 weeks by connecting a sound processor to the internal device with a strong magnet. The cochlear implant surgical procedure will usually be followed by a speech and auditory therapy regimen depending on the age and severity of the hearing disability, which varies from person to person.

Advantage of Cochlear Implant

For people suffering from severe hearing problems, cochlear implants can be life-changing. Although the results aren't the same for everyone some people benefit more than others. Some of the advantages of a cochlear implant surgery are:

  • You may be able to hear speech at a nearly normal level.
  • You may be able to understand speech without lip reading.
  • It’s easier to talk on the phone and hear the TV.
  • You may be able to hear music better than before.
  • You can pick up on different types of sounds, including soft, medium, and loud ones.
  • You can better control your own voice so that it’s easier for others to understand you. 

Risks associated with Cochlear Implant

Although the cochlear implant is usually safe there are however, several complications that might be caused due to the surgical procedure required to implant the device in the ear. The possible risks of complications after a cochlear implant surgery may include:

  • Nerve injury
  • Facial paralysis due to nerve damage
  • Dizziness
  • Problem balancing
  • Loss of hearing
  • Tinnitus (ringing ears)
  • Fluid leakage around the brain
  • Infection
  • Meningitis

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