Facelift Surgery

Clinically known as rhytidectomy, Facelift Surgery is designed to improve visible signs of aging within the face & neck areas. Skin & soft tissues of face commonly lose elasticity while gravity starts showing unwelcome effects as people age. Moreover, deep lines below lower eyelids & between nose & mouth sag so as to create a tired & older appearance. The first sign of aging can be seen on the skin as fine wrinkles develop around lips, at the outer corners of eye & lines of expression. However, the rate at which this progresses varies from one person to another depending upon the type of genes each one of us inherits. As a result, several people feel frustrated by the face they see in a mirror is not how they feel should be. Sometimes, a substantial amount of weight loss can also produce this kind of changes in the appearance of the face like it is witnessed with aging.

Why Travcure for Facelift Surgery?

Travcure facelift cosmetic surgery offers complimentary plastic techniques for both men & women desiring to look younger & more vibrant. Especially when you are looking for facelift surgery, it is extremely important to look for the best board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon with specialized training & a significant amount of experience. Travcure is closely associated with some of the globally renowned plastic surgeons & accredited cosmetic clinics in order to give you the best possible results.

Good Candidates for Facelift Surgery

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery are people whose face & neck areas have begun to sag while the skin still has some elasticity alongside bone structure which is still strong & well defined. Most patients who are good candidates for facelift cosmetic surgery are between 40 – 60 years of age, while the procedure can also be successfully performed for men & women between the ages of 70 – 80 years. However, the goal of this cosmetic surgery is not to make it look obvious that the patient has undergone facelift surgery, but instead ensure that the person is looking younger, cheerful & filled with vitality. Technically, this procedure works well but is also well appreciated as it increases the morale of the patient.

What Not to Expect from Facelift Surgery

Facelift cosmetic surgery procedure works best for the lower half of the face areas including neck & jaw line. For people who are having wrinkles of forehead & sagging eyebrows must perhaps consider undergoing endoscopic brow lift which can effectively address these areas. Moreover, loose facial skin with freckles, wrinkles & rough patches will ideally benefit more from laser resurfacing or chemical peel procedures.

Preparing for Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

People who are obese & intend losing weight should do so prior to undergoing facelift cosmetic surgery. This will allow the plastic surgeon to remove more skin & thereby achieve more pleasing results from this procedure. Blood thinning medications containing aspirin & non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be stopped at least two weeks prior to undergoing facelift surgery as they can increase the risk of bleeding. Facelift surgery patient should also quit smoking at least two weeks prior to undergoing surgery since it can hamper & prolong the healing process by decreasing circulation of blood to skin-flaps which are particularly located behind the ears. Moreover, it would be sensible of patients to perm & tint their hair prior to the procedure if they desire as fresh scars from surgery will be sensitive to chemicals for at least a few weeks of time following facelift surgery.

Facelift Surgery Procedure with Travcure

Facelift surgery with Travcure is a three-pronged approach which will selectively address the neck, lower face & eyelid areas of the face. Most patients & plastic surgeons moreover, prefer to perform facelift surgery under the influence of general anesthesia. However, if the patient desires facelift surgery can also be carried out under the influence of local anesthetic & intravenous sedation. Other extra cosmetic procedures can also be combined with facelift surgery at the same time, in case the patient is inclined. Most other common procedures which patients normally prefer include eyelid reduction, endoscopic brow lift, chin & cheek bone augmentation & lip enhancement.

Facelift – Standard facelift procedure tightens skin in mid-face while freshening up eyes & opening & lifting outer angles & reducing wrinkles of crow’s feet. This surgery may leave swelling around & below eyes which may take about a month’s time to gradually resolve. Incisions for facelift surgery are typically made above the hairline at temples & which extend along the natural line down the front of the ear & continue around behind earlobe within the crease into lower scalp. It may also occasionally be necessary to make small incisions under the skin while in some instances only skin is lifted following separation from underlying platysma muscle. Many plastic surgeons bandage face following operation in order to minimize bruising & swelling. These bandages normally stay for a day or two, while sutures are removed only after a week’s time. Patients must, however, avoid massage, saunas & strenuous activities for at least 15 days following facelift surgery. Scars from surgery are located in hair & do not usually show except when hair is cut shorter near the wound.
Neck Lift – This procedure is quite essential for people over the age of 40 years, although some people prefer it even earlier, especially those who have undergone serious weight loss & are left with sagging skin in the neck region. Skin in the neck region is quite delicate & vulnerable to effects of aging. Moreover, just like the face, the neck is also the most visible area & can be troubling when skin laxity is causing creases & deep folds. Neck cording is also found in some people & which can stretch from jaw & chin to bottom of the neck region. Turkey wattle necks are also a problem for some people which result from excessive fat so as to cause unattractive jaw lines. Neck lift surgery in such cases can be transformative & extremely rejuvenating where the plastic surgeon will remove excessive fat & skin along with tightening of underlying platysma muscle.
Blepharoplasty – This is plastic surgery which involves the eyelids & removal of fat, extra skin & muscle from around the eyes. Most often performed on upper eyelids when genetics or normal process of aging causes excessive drooping of eyelids. This cosmetic surgery is also carried under eyes for removal of sagging skin responsible for creating under-eye bags. Plastic surgeons for this procedure make careful incisions within creases of eyelids. The wound is then carefully stitched after sagging tissue has been removed. Quite often performed as part of a comprehensive facelift surgery treatment, there will be no visible scarring with this procedure.

Long-Lasting Effects of Facelift Surgery

Although facelift surgery can roll-back the clock, it cannot stop effects of aging. Nevertheless, effects of this procedure are likely to always be here & you will be thankful as it will make you look much younger. However, since this is a highly skilled plastic surgery procedure, it would be sensible that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon & has undergone full training for cosmetic surgery. After all, this is the new rejuvenated face you will be living with for the rest of your life & so would like to be the best it could.

Affordable Facelift Surgery with Travcure

Travcure Medical Tourism is a globally reputed healthcare service provider & a favorite of thousands of international patients who have availed our treatment packages from all around the world. Moreover, if the quality of medical procedures & affordability is your concern, we are the best people to fulfill your aspirations. Travcure is associated with globally recognized & well experienced plastic surgeons & the best accredited cosmetic clinics in India so as to provide world-class cosmetic surgeries at the most competitive prices. Aesthetic plastic surgeons working with Travcure are highly skilled & adept at performing cosmetic procedures & have scores of patients who have benefited from their treatments.

Treatment Package – Facelift Surgery

(Neck + Face + Blepharoplasty)

Hospital Stay – 3 days

Price – $4,000 USD

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