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Travcure is an online medical tourism portal which brings patients & healthcare providers together on a single platform. Travcure is the most ideal place for people seeking information about affordable treatment or surgery in India. International patients can search, compare & inquire about the best accredited hospitals, doctors & surgeons treating a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Travcure will guide & help patients from all around the world find top surgeons & the most ideal hospital facility for treatment.

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About Travcure

Travcure is associated with top doctors & the best accredited hospital facilities in India in order to bring healthcare providers & international patients together on a single platform. This is the most ideal & reputed platform for people around the world seeking affordable treatments & surgeries abroad. International patients can search, compare & inquire for available treatment options for their medical problems & effective solutions. They can also inquire & compare about doctor qualifications, hospital facilities & pricing so that they can make the most informed decision regarding treatments. Alongside medical treatments, Travcure will arrange accommodation close to the treatment facility, arrangements for local travel, scheduling appointments with doctors for treatment & follow-up evaluation or even arrange for a recuperative vacation for the patient at an exotic location if desired by the patient. Travcure will look into every detail at the request of the patient.
No, services offered by Travcure are completely free.
After you have visited & decided upon the type of medical procedure you would like to undergo, here is a simplified step-by-step breakdown of procedure to guide you through the process of medical travel.
  • Send an inquiry through mail to Travcure or make a telephonic call & provide information on your medical history & present condition.
  • You can expect to hear back from Travcure within 48 hours of your inquiry through email.
  • Compare Travcure quotes & offers & decide upon which provider you would like to proceed with.
  • Accept the quote you finalize with.
  • Work with Travcure to finalize the procedure & trip itinerary, including requisite medical & travel documents, dates, accommodation options, etc.
  • Depart for the chosen destination.
  • You will be greeted at the airport by Travcure representative & taken to your chosen accommodation option.
  • Meet the doctor for initial consultation.
  • Undergo medical procedure without any waiting period.
  • Recuperate & relax or proceed to an exotic location for recovery. This will however depend upon the doctor’s permission.
  • Follow-up evaluation check-ups if required.
  • Proceed back home after a successful outcome.
  • Travcure healthcare team will keep in touch with you for follow-up on your medical experience.

About Medical Travel

Travcure aims to maintain high standards for healthcare procedures. We therefore ensure that all hospitals enlisted with us are nationally or internationally accredited & approved. Only after detailed research & scrutiny do we approve hospitals.
Decision for choosing the hospital facility for treatment rests entirely upon you, the patient. Travcure will only try to provide all necessary information so as to help you make up your mind. In case you are still unsure about where to start, you can either call us or contact us at & our experts will be glad to assist you.

About Hospitals Listed with Travcure

Travcure aims to maintain high standards of healthcare for consumers. Therefore we make sure to ensure that all hospitals enlisted with us are nationally or internationally accredited & approved by our experts after undergoing detailed scrutiny.
Travcure is constantly growing & expanding its network of hospitals. Therefore, patients can let us know which hospital they are interested in & would like to see that in the Travcure list. You can also do this by emailing us at
We are extremely sorry if you were unable to find a hospital on the Travcure list which meets your requirements. But then, you can always contact our customer service department at & let us know as to what exactly are you looking for. Our expert team will gladly assist you to find which hospital will best match your needs.

About Pricing

Price initially conveyed to you by the Travcure team would be an average cost of the procedure. Once we get your reports & inquire with the hospital, we can provide you estimated costs which are specifically based upon your condition, medical history & treatment requirements.
When we receive a quote to your query from the hospital, they would include all information on what the price covers. Typical quotes include consultation, all tests that are required, cost of the procedure & stay at the hospital. But then, every hospital is having its own pricing policy & structure so we will have to wait for specifics to come from the hospital facility. If something is unclear, you can always revert with your doubt so that we can speak with the hospital facility & provide a clarification.
Travcure does not take part in deciding any prices for any medical procedures. Prices are decided by the hospital facilities. However, you would derive several benefits, including monetary, by close association Travcure maintains with the treatment facility.
We will have to check with the treatment facility in order to determine if they would accept your insurance.

About Inquiry Process

Yeah sure; it would be best that you either call us or contact our customer service department at & let us know more about your health problem & we will do our best to fulfill your needs.
In case you are still unsure of a timeframe & it is not urgent, you can pick a tentative date for your medical treatment. Moreover, these dates can always be modified later to suit your commitments.
You should be expecting to hear back from the Travcure team within 48 hours. In case you don’t, please get back to us at & we will check out where your case is stuck.
Travcure maintains very high standards with respect to confidentiality & privacy of patients. This includes transfer of sensitive material between us & the hospital facility at all times. It is only with your permission that we send your records only to doctors of your choice. Moreover, your data will never be used for any other purposes & will remain secure at all times.
Travcure desires that you be satisfied with the hospital facility you choose & your treatment outcomes. That is why we offer a choice of at least 3 doctor opinions for you to choose from.
Travcure offers an extremely wide range of medical procedures. However, in case you do not find what you are looking for in our website, you can always contact us at & we will be glad to assist you in finding you hospital facilities in India who provide your requested procedure at affordable costs.
Whenever you are choosing a hospital facility, you should choose one which pays attention to the quality of treatments provided, costs & the kind of doctors it has.
Because only you can select the most ideal doctor for your healthcare requirements is the sole reason why Travcure gives you so much information. Whenever you are choosing a doctor, you should look at their experience, education & the kind of reviews they generate from the patients they have treated.

About Planning Your Healthcare Journey

Yes, this is entirely your choice as to where to stay. There are no obligations, but since Travcure knows the local situation so well, we will be glad to help.
Representative from Travcure will be with you at every step after receiving you at the airport to the moment you depart after a successful medical treatment outcome. The sole function of our representative is to assist you throughout the healthcare journey in India. We will ensure that your local transportation is properly arranged to & from the accommodation to the hospital & that your appointments with the doctors are properly scheduled.
In such a scenario, Travcure will arrange for international translators who can assist during the international procedure. Travcure will also inquire with the hospital facility if they can address specific language needs.
The decision to undergo procedure or not is yours & you will therefore always have the right to change your plans at any point of time. You can always contact for assistance in case you ever find yourself in this situation. Travcure will be glad to help you find another hospital facility which is suitable to you.

About Payments

10% of the total treatment package should be deposited with Travcure in advance for pre-booking medical appointments. Balance 90% amount is required to be paid at the hospital on arrival before starting treatment. Patients will have to settle the balance of the final bill before being discharged from the hospital. In case patients encounter any difficulty they may contact for guidance.
You should be carrying enough money with you to cover the cost of accommodation & medical procedure here along with what is additionally required for your other needs like food, shopping & entertainment.

About Post Treatment Follow-Up Care

Travcure goal is to ensure that your healthcare journey runs smoothly before, during & after treatment abroad. Once you have returned back home after medical treatment in India, we will still be at your service & will be glad to do our best in order to make sure that your needs are met at all times. Travcure coordinator will always be available for any questions you have post treatment. Moreover, you could always mail us at for any type of assistance.

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