Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

With a growing list of five multispecialty hospitals, Group Florence Nightingale is active in every major medical area employing highly motivated & well-trained & qualified doctors. Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals are all highly renowned world-class medical facilities & which are recognized as standard of excellence providing a wide-spectrum of healthcare services to international patients in Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Florence Nightingale are a group of patient-centred hospitals offering specialized healthcare by integrating technology, research & education with clinical care. Group Florence Nightingale are some of the largest & most reputed facilities in Europe & Middle East offering over 900 patient beds alongside 41 operating theatres, 50 emergency & 143 intensive care beds. Advanced technologies adapted by Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals are designed to the finest detail in order to provide international patients & their families with the best that this world can offer in terms of healthcare services, comfort, technology & expertise. In short, Florence Nightingale Hospitals represent cutting edge of modern technology applied to medical care involving sophisticated surgical robotics & 24 hour wireless monitoring for holistic treatment of patients beyond international standards.

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