Why Follicular Unit Transplant For Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery in IndiaWhat is a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)?

A follicular unit transplant is used to transplant naturally growing clumps of hair from a growth region (usually back of the head) to the bald spot so that the transplanted group of hair will grow naturally. This is a more advanced and efficient method of hair transplant as compared to the conventional hair transplanting techniques which lacked the natural and aesthetic appeal that patients usually expected.

What is a Follicular Unit?

A follicular unit is made up of 1-4 hairs naturally which contains oil (sebaceous) glands, small muscle, nerves and, occasionally, vellus hairs. These follicular units are well-formed structures of the scalp and each follicular unit is surrounded by an area filed with collagen. The decrease in the follicular unit’s quality results in the follicular units producing thinner and weak hair that eventually fall off and cause balding.

What is the procedure for Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)?

The procedure for a follicular unit transplant (FUT) involves the removal of a strip of scalp from an area of the scalp that has sufficient hair growth. This strip of scalp helps harvest hair for transplanting. A powerful stereo-microscope is used to remove individual follicular unit from this strip of scalp in an intact manner without damage.


The follicular units are then transplanted in the exact manner that is distinctive to the person’s scalp. This ensures that the distribution of the harvested follicular units is uniform and it gives a natural look to the transplanted hair in terms of hair density and expanse of covering.

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