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Fortis Healthcare Limited is India’s largest and leading healthcare delivery service providers with over 54 facilities housing over 10,000 beds including around 260 diagnostic centers spread across the width of the country. Fortis is active in providing various healthcare facilities such as integrated super-specialty hospitals, diagnostic centers as well as day care service providers. Besides India, Fortis has a major name amongst the world’s leading healthcare service providers with additional facilities in Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

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Fortis Centers of Excellence

In its path to being the world’s leading comprehensive healthcare service provider, Fortis has been constantly developing various departments responsible for managing specific medical specialties, known as the Fortis Centers of Excellence. These are the most technologically advanced and complete medical specialty departments that are equipped with the latest and most modern medical and surgical equipments that allow the large number of highly-experienced and intensively-trained doctors and specialists to provide the best, most efficient and successful treatment. These are the various Fortis Centers of Excellence that are available at every Fortis Healthcare facility: Orthopedics & Joint Replacement – The Fortis Hospitals’ Orthopedic & Joint Replacement department is well-equipped to manage complex orthopedic cases including trauma and musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. This department specializes in managing successful arthroscopic treatment and deals with recovery from trauma, spinal injury treatment and rehabilitation as well as handling successful joint replacement surgeries in order to ensure maximum bone and joint care. With the most experienced orthopedic specialists and doctors in the department, it is able to manage orthopedic cases ranging from the minor to the mild to the most severe forms. This department is equipped to successfully perform various complicated orthopedic treatments including platelet-rich plasma transfusion for osteoarthritis treatment as well as minimally invasive joint surgery techniques. Spine Surgery – The Fortis Center of Excellence for spine surgery is one of the most advanced and efficient spinal surgery facilities in the country. Using the most modern surgical equipments, the specialists at Fortis are able to provide the best and most efficiently successful spine surgery. This department is well-equipped with the most modern medical and surgical equipments as well as the most-experienced and intensively-trained doctors and specialists. Neurology – The Fortis Department of Neurology is managed by the most expert neurologists in the country. The latest surgical and diagnostic equipments makes the neurological treatments much more efficient and easier for various neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, stroke, sleep disorders, etc., as well as managing diagnosis and treatment of paralytic disorders besides providing multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment for headaches and multiple sclerosis. The country’s leading neurologists and experts are responsible for managing the Fortis Healthcare Department of Neurology and is well-equipped to provide ultra-modern neurological procedures such as computerized tomography (CT) scan, canalith repositioning procedure, carotid ultrasound, discogram, electroencephalogram (EEG), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), etc. Gastroenterology – The Fortis Department of Gastrointestinal and Hepatobilliary Surgery is able to provide immediate and prompt diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment method for all bariatric disorders and diseases. This department is managed by a team of skilled and highly-trained gastroenterologists, surgeons and nutritionists that help assist the patients through every step of the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative process. This department is well-equipped to provide a vast variety of bariatric diagnosis and treatments such as abdominal hysterectomy, abdominal ultrasound scan test, barium enema, gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy), bilirubin test, colectomy, etc. Cancer – The Fortis Department of Oncology is an impressive and complete cancer care facility that provides world-class facilities for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation as well as prevention of all types of cancers. This department follows a multi-disciplinary and trans-modality approach in managing pediatric and adult cancer cases. This department has sub-specialty centers such as medical oncology and hematology, radiation oncology, bone marrow transplant services, etc that makes it the most comprehensive and successful cancer management healthcare provider in the country. This department is well-able to handle active surveillance for prostate cancer, BRCA gene test for breast cancer detection, barium enema, breast MRI, bone marrow biopsy and aspirations, breast biopsy, etc. using the most advanced and latest medical and surgical equipments. Transplantations – The Fortis Hospitals have the country’s most comprehensive and vast organ transplant programs with the most modern surgical equipments that help provide most successful transplants for organs such as liver, kidney, heart, intestinal and GI transplants and other transplant services. Robotics surgery – The Fortis Department of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) provides every type of minimally invasive surgery with the use of the most advanced surgical techniques such as the robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgical technique. This ultra-modern surgical technique provides an efficient, generally painless and faster surgical option for treatment of a variety of medical diseases and disorders. This surgery technique is widely used at Fortis to perform a large number of successful bariatric and gastrointestinal surgeries as well as other general surgeries. This form of surgery is advantageous over conventional open-type of surgery methods as it requires fewer and smaller incisions and also allows for faster recovery from the surgery. Bariatric surgery – The Fortis Department of Bariatric surgery is well-equipped with the most advanced imaging and surgical equipments that help perform a large variety of simple and complex bariatric (weight-loss) surgeries with the most efficiency and success rate. This department gives priority to advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques in order for performing bariatric surgeries in order to ensure maximum benefits and advantages in terms of weight-loss and recovery after the surgery. This department is well able to handle a large variety of bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric banding surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, etc. Cardiology – The Fortis Department of Cardiology is known as the best provider of cardiology services with accurate and prompt diagnosis along with a comprehensive treatment program. The department is managed by a team of dedicated and highly-experienced cardiologists and doctors who are able to successfully perform various cardiology procedures such as bypass surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology, etc with the use of the most modern and technologically advanced medical equipements. This department encompasses an ambulance service for emergencies as well as providing the required supportive medical services such as echocardiography, non-invasive image processing, stress tests, cardiovascular CT, etc. IVF – The Fortis Department of Assisted Reproduction is a comprehensive and modern department which is able to manage all types of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments available. The team of experts and doctors are dedicated to provide support, advice and assistance to every individual patient, from consulting in the initial stages to beyond conception of the child. This department uses the most modern and latest medical and surgical equipments to ensure that every individual patient is provided the best and most efficient IVF treatment which makes the rate of success for the individual treatment program to increase. Pediatric and Neonatology – The Fortis Department of Pediatrics is a complete pediatric management unit handled by a team of the most experienced and highly-trained pediatric specialists and doctors who use their training and expertise in providing a complete and highly-successful pediatric treatment to every patient. This department is well-equipped to provide out-patient, in-patient and intensive care services for any type of pediatric case. This is a truly comprehensive pediatric department that handles everything, from pediatric dentistry to neonatal and pediatric heart care. Plastic/Cosmetic surgery – The Fortis Cosmetic Surgery Department is managed by an expert team of nurses and cosmetic specialists that are assisted in the huge variety of cosmetic procedures with the most modern and advanced surgical equipments. This department is well-equipped to manage cosmetic surgeries, ranging from the total aesthetic surgeries to the more vital and complex reconstructive surgeries. This department routinely, and successfully, handles cosmetic procedures such as facelift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, eye lid surgery, tummy tuck, body lift surgery as well as laser resurfacing, laser hair removal along with complex facial and hand reconstructive surgeries. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants ties-up with Fortis Healthcare Limited Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants and Fortis Healthcare Limited are the leaders in their respective fields. With Travcure, being India’s leading medical tourism operators and Fortis, being the country’s largest healthcare service provider, have joined forces to provide the best, most efficient and completely affordable world-class medical treatment for all kinds of medical disorders and diseases. Travcure and Fortis aim to being the global leaders in providing the most comprehensive and high-quality medical treatment and surgery to every individual from across the world in Fortis’ comprehensive healthcare facilities that are spread over the country’s breadth with presence in all its major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. This provides efficient and affordable medical treatment for the patient with a hassle-free visit to India for their treatment or surgery.

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