Fortis Hospitals in Maharashtra


Fortis Hospitals in Maharashtra

Fortis Group of Hospitals is India’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare service providers. It has over 50 tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals in all major cities of India including Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. The Fortis Group of Hospitals consists of international healthcare facilities at major locations abroad such as Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Every healthcare facility of Fortis Hospitals is fully integrated and completely capable of handling a wide range of medical treatment and surgeries for a large spectrum of medical disorders, diseases as well as trauma care and rehabilitation. Fortis Group of Hospitals also runs over 250 advanced diagnostic centers that are able to perform complex diagnostic tests such as barium enema, bone marrow biopsy and aspiration, etc. The Fortis Hospitals is Maharashtra consist of four tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals located at Kalyan, Mulund, Mahim and Vashi in Mumbai.

Fortis Hospitals, Kalyan

The Fortis Hospital in Kalyan, Mumbai is one of the healthcare group’s best multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals having 70 beds. Since its establishment in 2007, this comprehensive healthcare facility has now become the top choice of thousands of patients in the surrounding Thane region for quality and affordable healthcare. The Fortis Hospital at Kalyan is an ultra-modern healthcare facility that is spread over an expansive 30,000 sq ft with over 45 functional beds as well as 4 emergency cum casualty beds along with 3 beds dedicated for dialysis. The Fortis Hospital at Kalyan is managed by a team of highly-experienced and intensively-trained specialists, doctors and surgeons who are selectively chosen on basis of merit and experience to ensure maximum rate of success in treatment. These expert medical professionals are assisted to a large extent by the use of the latest and most efficient medical and surgical technologies to perform the large number of treatment and surgeries with the utmost ease and efficiency. Fortis Hospital, Kalyan has truly itself established as a trusted and chosen healthcare facility in the region with the expert medical professionals and the large variety of high-quality medical treatments provided by the comprehensive healthcare facility at affordable cost. Due to its dedication towards providing the best and most versatile medical treatment and surgery solutions Fortis Group of Hospitals have separate Centers of Excellence that are dedicated to providing complete diagnostic, treatment and preventive solutions for a particular medical specialty.

Fortis Hospitals, Mulund

The Fortis Hospital at Mulund is a JCI-accredited tertiary care super-specialty hospital with over 300 beds offering a wide range of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services. The use of the most advanced technology by highly-skilled surgeons and specialists ensures the most efficient and successful treatment. This healthcare facility is well-able to manage medical conditions and disorders related to cardiology, urology, neurosciences, orthopedics, emergency care, etc. S L Raheja Hospital, Mahim The S L Raheja Hospital at Mahim, Mumbai is a vast 140-bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital and is an associate of the Fortis Group of Hospitals. It is best known for providing the best and most efficient treatment solutions related to diabetes and oncology especially, as well as other sub-specialties. Established more than 25 years ago, the S L Raheja Hospital at Mahim is now the leading comprehensive healthcare provider in the region, renowned for providing the best-quality and affordable treatment solutions.

Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi

The Fortis Hiranandani Hospital at Vashi is an advanced tertiary care multi-specialty healthcare facilty that is equipped with over 140 beds and is spread over an expansive 120,000 sq ft. This complete healthcare facility is equipped with highly-advanced medical and surgical technology and equipments. The staff at the Fortis Hiranandani Hospital is composed of the most experienced and extensively trained specialists, doctors and nurses as well as a trained support staff. This hospital has a super-ICU facility to provide total emergency services and care for critical medical cases.   These are the major Centers of Excellence at Fortis Hospitals, Maharashtra: Cardiology – The Center of Excellence for Cardiology at Fortis Hospitals, Kalyan is the region’s top cardiology department. The Cardiology department is managed by the country’s top specialists who are well-experienced in various cardiological sub-specialties such as pediatric cardiology, electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology. These expert cardiologists are assisted with the use of the most advanced and modern diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation and preventive techniques available. This helps the cardiology department to make accurate and precise diagnosis and plan an efficient and affordable treatment plan for the patient. The expert team of cardiology specialists and surgeons are well-trained to perform a large variety of cardiology procedures such as minimally invasive cardiac surgery, cardiac by-pass surgery, and interventional cardiac treatment as well as advanced non-invasive cardiology treatment. Emergency Services – The Fortis Hospital, Kalyan has a comprehensive and well-equipped Center of Excellence for Emergency Services. Managed by highly-qualified and intensively-trained ACLS-certified specialists this department can handle all types of emergency medical, surgical or rehabilitative procedure. Every ambulance operated by the Emergency Services is highly-equipped with modern stabilizing instruments such as the Cardiovascular Life Support System and is managed 24/7 by efficient doctors and paramedic professionals. Orthopedics – The Fortis Hospital, Kalyan has an advanced Center of Excellence for Orthopedics and Joint Replacement. This department is equipped with the most modern and efficient orthopedic treatment techniques and technology that allow the highly-experienced orthopedic specialists and surgeons to perform a large variety of simple and complex orthopedic procedure with the utmost efficiency and ease to the patient. This department is well able to handle procedures related to minimally invasive orthopedic surgery with arthroscopic technology, treating orthopedic trauma cases, spinal injuries and complex joint replacement surgeries. The latest orthopedic technologies used in Fortis Hospital, Kalyan include platelet-rich plasma transfusion for treating osteoarthritis. The minimally invasive surgery techniques are extensively used in performing most major orthopedic and joint replacement procedure.

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Fortis Hospitals are the leading healthcare service providers in India and are the undisputed leader for providing efficient and affordable medical care in the country. Travcure Medical Tourism Company is the foremost and frontrunner in providing assistance and arranging tours for medical treatment or surgery for abroad patients. Travcure provides every individual patient with a bespoke treatment package that ensures that the patient gets the best, most efficient and affordable treatment for any type of medical disease, disorder or trauma.
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