Fortis Hospitals in Punjab


Fortis Hospitals in Punjab

Fortis Group of Hospitals is India’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare service providers with the most expansive operations in the country. With over 50 tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals in the country Fortis has become the undisputed leader in providing the most advanced medical and surgical treatment with the use of the most modern equipments. The Fortis Group of Hospitals consists of more than 50 comprehensive and well-equipped tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals spread over major Indian cities such as Delhi, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Mohali, etc in the northern Indian region. These are completely-integrated healthcare facilities with advanced medical and surgical technologies being used extensively in order to constantly improve and make the treatment procedures more efficient and painless. Fortis also manages more than 250 advanced and complete diagnostic centers in the country with the most modern and complex diagnostic test being successfully performed on a regular basis in these centers. These diagnostic centers are well-equipped to manage all types of diagnostic tests such as the various imaging tests, biopsy, aspiration, etc in the most efficient and hassle-free manner. The Fortis Hospitals in Punjab are located in 3 different major cities, namely Mohali, Ludhiana and Amritsar. Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana – The Fortis Hospital at Ludhiana in Punjab is a vast 250-bed super-specialty healthcare facility that was established in November of 2013. In just 3 short years, Fortis Hospital at Ludhiana is now the leader in providing the best-quality and most affordable medical services in the region with thousands of patients taking advantage of the efficient and affordable healthcare provided by the hospital every year. The hospital maintains world-class quality infrastructure in line with its aim to provide only the best and most advanced healthcare services to its patients. This hospital is managed by a team of the most experienced and extensively-trained medical professionals and specialists. There is a large number of super-specialty departments in this hospital that are dedicated to using the most advanced and efficient equipments and instruments to diagnose, treat, prevent and rehabilitate various medical diseases, disorders and trauma. There are Centers of Excellence that handle the various specialties such as spinal surgery, orthopedics, breast clinic, maternal and neonatal care unit, extensive oncology department, etc. Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar – The Fortis Escorts Hospital at Amritsar in Punjab is one of the most comprehensive healthcare facilities in the region. It is an impressive 150+ bed hospital that specializes as a leading cardiology specialty hospital. Started in 2003, the hospital has made a remarkable name in the region as the leader in providing the best and most advanced cardiac treatment solution at the most affordable cost. This expansive healthcare facility is spread over 5 acres of prime property and is the only NABH-accredited hospital in the region with over 25 super-specialties in it as well as being equipped with more than 55 dedicated ICU beds. Fortis Hospital, Mohali – The Fortis Hospital Mohali (FHM) was established in 2001, and has come a long way in getting a JCI-certification in 2007 as well as becoming JCI-accredited in 2013. This hospital has also been accredited 4 times by the NABH for maintaining the highest standards of patient safety standards. This hospital is an expansive and comprehensive healthcare facility that includes over 340-beds. The Fortis Cancer Institute (FCI) was established in 2014 and has fast become the region’s sole comprehensive cancer care facility which offers world-class medical and surgical oncology care and treatment using the most modern cancer treatment technology. This department uses ultra-modern equipments to diagnose, treat, prevent and rehabilitate cases of cancer of all types. This hospital has a dedicated advanced diagnostic center that is equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipments. The Fortis Hospital at Mohali is a vast healthcare facility that is spread over an expansive 8 acres of prime property and has won several awards for its world-class quality standard, expansive medical infrastructure, use of latest diagnostic and treatment equipments as well as the excellent performance by the most experienced and highly-trained surgeons and doctors and other characteristics.

Centers of Excellence in Fortis Hospitals, Punjab

There are various Centers of Excellence at every Fortis Hospital to ensure that every type of medical disorder or disease is treated with exclusivity by specialized trained professionals. These are some of the major Centers of Excellence that are found in the Fortis Hospitals in Punjab: Oncology – The Fortis Cancer Institute (FCI) at Fortis Hospital in Mohali is the country’s most advanced and well-equipped oncology specialty departments. This comprehensive and complete cancer care facility follows a multi-modular and trans-disciplinary approach in treating all types of cancer cases successfully. These departments at Fortis Hospitals in Punjab are able to efficiently manage cancer cases related to adult or pediatric oncology with extensive medical programs along with the use of sub-specialists in the other treatment-related field. This department is equipped to perform the latest oncology procedures including radiation oncology procedures, specialized oncology surgeries as well as bone marrow transplant services. This department also offers complete cancer care, diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and preventive services. Emergency Services – The Fortis Emergency & Trauma Care department is managed by the most-experienced ACLS-certified medical professionals who are extensively-trained in handling all kinds of medical emergencies including trauma care, critical care, etc. The Emergency & Trauma Care Center at Fortis Hospitals in Punjab are equipped with 24/7 ambulatory services that have the latest life support and resuscitation equipments and are managed by a team of dedicated and well-trained medical and paramedical staff. Urology – The Center of Excellence for Urology at Fortis Hospitals in Punjab are the region’s most advanced and well-equipped urology-specialty departments in the region. These departments are highly-advanced and the quality standard for urological treatment and care is comparable to international standards of quality. This department offers a complete range of urology healthcare services including diagnostic, treatment and preventive and rehabilitation services to ensure that every patient is benefitted with the use of advanced treatment and surgical technology and technique used.

Fortis Hospitals tie-up with Travcure Medical Tourism Company

Fortis Group of Hospitals, India’s largest comprehensive healthcare service provider, and Travcure Medical Tourism Company, the leader in providing affordable medical tours to India have joined forces with the common aim to provide the best, most advanced, yet affordable, medical and surgical treatment to every patient. Fortis Hospitals are complete healthcare solution providers with presence in over 50 different locations across India as well as abroad in places such as Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. These healthcare facilities are completely self-sufficient and are more advanced in technology than their competitors in the region. With the tie-up with Travcure it will become increasingly easier for patients from abroad to get best-quality and affordable medical treatment in India.
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