Fortis Hospitals & Travcure Medical Tourism Tie Up Golden Opportunity for Global Patients

Fortis Group of Hospitals, the largest healthcare providers of India, and Travcure Medical Tourism Company, India’s forerunner in providing the most affordable medical treatment in India, have announced their decision to work together in order to make high-quality medical treatment and surgeries easily available to the patients from India as well as abroad. Travcure Medical Tourism Tie-Ups With Fortis Hospitals Fortis Group of Hospitals, established in 1996 by Late Chairman, Dr. Parvinder Singh, was conceptualized with the vision to ‘to create a world class integrated healthcare delivery system in India, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care.”. It is the country’s leading and fastest growing healthcare group with over 50 multi-specialty tertiary care hospitals spread across major Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. as well as has remarkable presence in the medical service sector of Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Fortis has joined forces with other major players in the Indian private medical service sector such as with Escorts to establish the famed Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI) in Delhi and the various Wockhardt healthcare facilities across the country. Fortis Group of Hospitals manages over 55 extremely comprehensive and integrated healthcare facilities and hospitals, with over 250 highly-advanced diagnostic centers having the most modern and high-tech medical and surgical technology and techniques at its disposal. Fortis Group handles millions of patients every year in their more than 10,000 bed operation. Fortis Hospitals are known as being the most comprehensive and completely integrated healthcare service providers in the country with every hospital having multi-specialty departments, such as oncology, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, neurology and neuroscience, urology and nephrology, bariatric surgeries, gastrointestinal treatment, etc amongst more than 40 specialties. All these departments are equipped with only the most modern and advanced diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention medical and surgical tools at their disposal. The large number of advanced diagnostic centers are also equipped with only the most modern diagnostic equipments and tools such as ultra-modern imaging test including MRI scans, CT scans, ultrasound, etc as well as other diagnostic tests such as advanced blood tests, fluid tests, biopsy and aspiration, etc that allow the doctors at Fortis to make accurate and precise diagnosis, which in turn help to plan the most efficient and affordable treatment session for every individual patient. One of the main reasons for Fortis Hospitals’ immense popularity due to the highest success rate for various treatment and surgeries is the immensely-experienced and intensively-trained doctors, specialists, consultants and supporting and nursing staff that are an integral and important part of every Fortis Hospital. Only the best and most expert doctors and medical specialists are made a part of Fortis Group to ensure maximum safety, efficiency and successful treatment for every patient. The supporting staff and nurses are regularly evaluated in terms of functioning and work-quality to ensure that the training for hospitality and nursing as well as patient care is applied constantly to ensure that every patient feels taken good care of and appreciates the extra effort put in by the staff. Regular training sessions are held to inculcate the values of warm hospitality and empathy, among others, in the staff at Fortis for making better the quality of healthcare services provided. Travcure Medical Tourism Company is known as the leading medical tourism service provider in India with thousands of patients from the country and abroad being assisted with a large variety of medical treatments and surgeries at the most efficient and affordable manner. Travcure was established with the aim to provide world-class healthcare to every individual patient in the most efficient and convenient manner to the patient. Travcure has worked relentlessly towards achieving this goal through joining forces with the other giants from the India private medical service sector. Travcure has become the foremost choice of thousands of patients from abroad who wish to get efficient and affordable medical treatment for any type of medical disease, disorder or trauma complication. With the joining of hands between Fortis Group of Hospitals and Travcure Medical Tourism, it has now become even more efficient to get the best-quality treatment at the most affordable of cost. The ease of access provided by Fortis Hospitals at the major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc make the trip to India for medical treatment much more efficient, convenient and affordable with bespoke treatment packages being designed by Travcure Medical Tourism for each and every individual patient. This ensure that every patients gets the highest-quality medical service at the most affordable and budgeted price.
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