Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is basically a restorative dentistry procedure meant for patients with complicated dental requirements. This treatment procedure can involve several restorative dental procedures in order to restore or reconstruct all teeth in the lower & upper jaws. Full mouth rehabilitation often involves dental procedures like fillings, bridgework, crowns, TMJ therapy, dental implants and/or other types of dental procedures.

More on Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It is advisable that people who feel anxiety for setting for this type of procedures for hours should consider getting orally sedated for optimal support. Quite often full mouth rehabilitation is accomplished in just a few dental clinic visits in some cases. However, the process of full mouth rehabilitation could involve qualified dental health professionals in multiple areas of cosmetic, restorative & sedation therapy work in tandem in order to enable patients to reclaim their smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Vs Smile Makeover

Full mouth rehabilitation procedure basically differs from a smile makeover treatment in the sense that this is a dental treatment which is required while the latter is an elective procedure. The only similarity between the two procedures is that full mouth rehabilitation additionally allows patients the ability to transform smile into a healthy & aesthetically pleasing act just as the smile makeover procedure does.

Good Candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The requirement of full mouth rehabilitation procedure arises from the following conditions.

• Loss of teeth due to decay or trauma
• Having injured or fractured teeth
• Teeth which are badly worn due to bruxing (tooth-grinding), acid reflux or an acidic diet
• People requiring adjustments to bite due to ongoing jaw, muscle & pain in head

These are some of the most common reasons for people seeking full mouth rehabilitation but which can only be verified by professionally experienced dentists. Make sure that the dentist performing you full mouth rehabilitation is experienced in blending cosmetic & restorative dentistry & has efficiently given patients a healthy, functional & natural appearance in the past.

Evaluation Procedure for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

In case you come to a conclusion with the dentist that full mouth rehabilitation is the right treatment in your case, the procedures which are then required greatly depend upon specific circumstances. However, most people can expect the dentist to perform a thorough evaluation of the patient including the following.

Condition of Teeth – Condition of the patient’s teeth will eventually determine the type of rehabilitation procedures which will be required, including options that are available for solving patient concerns. Some people seeking full mouth rehabilitation suffer from effects of wear & tear, trauma, poor dental care or crowded teeth. Nevertheless, the dentist will develop a treatment plan in order to address & correct these issues in order to prevent occurring of additional dental problems & provide improved function & better oral health to patients at the same time.
Condition of Gums – Many times periodontal tissue (gums) are found to suffer from periodontal disease when they are not properly care for. Gum disease often causes loose or shifty teeth, bad breath, swollen gums & bleeding as well. Dentists employ methods for restoring gums through modern techniques like restoration of tissue for promotion of bone growth, laser therapy for reduction of pockets or pocket elimination surgery which will help in preventing tooth loss.
Jaw & Bite – Patients suffering from malocclusion or bad bite may have pain resulting from chewing or closing the mouth. This can also cause wear & tear or destruction of teeth & which can be very bad for oral health. Dentists often employ braces for correcting malocclusion prior to performing additional restorative procedures. Temporomandibular (TMJ) therapy may also be additionally suggested & which is capable of restoring neuromuscular function & optimal bite with help of nonsurgical TMJ therapy.
Aesthetic Evaluation – Full mouth rehabilitation accomplishes several goals at the same time. While restoring teeth & mouth to a very healthy & functional level, it also provides an opportunity to create a smile which patients always wanted to have. This is one of the primary reasons as to why full mouth rehabilitation procedure should be sought from experienced cosmetic dentists who will be able to seamlessly blend effective dental procedures & technology with aesthetic sensitivity. These dentists will also take the color, size, shape & proportion of teeth into consideration along with appearance of gums, lips, mouth, face & side profile while designing the new smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation for Preservation of Oral Health

While full mouth rehabilitation procedures are quite necessary for preserving oral health of patients, they also provide a unique opportunity to the patient for utilizing advanced modern dentistry techniques which can make it possible for them to undergo durable, functional & clinically expert treatments which also look normal at the same time. This is another reason as to why a full mouth rehabilitation patient should choose a dentist who is highly trained & experienced alongside having an artistic understanding for restoring the most attractive smile which is possible for a person.

Long Term Benefits of Implant-Supported Teeth

Effectively eliminate those old style dentures with easy to maintain & natural looking dental implants with Travcure full mouth rehabilitation package. Schedule an online consultation with us in order to discuss whether you are a good candidate for full mouth restoration procedure. Overcome the natural course of aging affecting your mouth with full-mouth rehab & eat without getting pangs of discomfort while eating hot or cold food. Now you can start the day without experiencing any soreness in jaw & complete tasks without having to fight headaches. Some long-term benefits from full mouth dental rehabilitation program include the following.

• Effectively eliminates dental deterioration or bone loss
• Restores natural biting & capacity for chewing
• Increases oral comfort
• Maintains facial structure integrity
• Minimizes wrinkles
• Restores lost lip support
• Improves overall facial appearance

Disadvantages of Dentures

Here are some of the disadvantages of having dentures as opposed to full mouth rehabilitation procedure.
• Will have to compromise integrity of facial structures
• May cause denture breath, sore spots & pain
• Unattractive changes in facial appearance can accelerate visible aging
• Require use of adhesives
• Dentures require relining as bone melts away
• Can cause inability to eat certain foods
• Could create embarrassment in social events when dentures move or fall out

Affordable Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation with Travcure

Travcure Medical Tourism is a globally reputed healthcare service provider which is associated with top doctors & the best hospital facilities in India. Dentists working with Travcure are highly trained & well experienced in order to provide excellent dental treatments to international patients who are seeking good quality of dentistry in other countries. The quality of dental treatments including full mouth rehabilitation in India is at par with the best in the world while the cost of treatments is just a fraction of what patients will have to pay in the developed Western countries. Moreover, overseas patients can avail full mouth rehabilitation treatment with Travcure alongside indulging in tourism activities within the subcontinent & still be able to save substantial amounts of their hard-earned money by undergoing a variety of world-class dental procedures in India.

Treatment Package  – Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Complete Package Cost – $2,000 USD to $4,500 USD

Dental Implants (Zirconium $1,000 USD)
+ Laminates ($300 USD)
+ Whitening (Zoom Laser $350 USD)
+ Bridges (Spanning 3 teeth $200 USD)
+ Crowns ($250 USD)

Our network assures you highest international standards